Bringing Back the Penny March – Kids Offering / Giving Idea

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Bringing Back the Penny March - Kids Offering / Giving Idea
Although I didn’t have the privilege of attending church regularly as a child, I was occasionally allowed to ride the bus to VBS or some other special event at a nearby church. One of things I loved was walking down the aisle to contribute my change during the “penny march.” I liked the peppy little song that the minister’s wife played on the piano and it comforted me to know that when that particular song played, it was time to give. I’ve decided to bring back the penny march in my kids’ church but we will be doing it in an updated style.
I’m using these fun ideas to create some excitement abut the penny march. Here’s what I plan to do:
Noisy pennies: Instead of offering buckets, I’m putting china plates on the floor. Kids won’t be able to resist making some noise. Kids line up for the penny march, walk up to the a line on the floor and toss their pennies into the plates. It’s a noisy offering but kids love it!
Penny tubes: I love those big water bottles but simply dropping change into the bucket is kind of boring. Put a PVC tube in the bucket and ask kids to slide the change into the tubes. Recycle a child’s old marble tube and tape it to the water bottle. They will love giving.
Pennies in water: You may have seen this one at the fair. Place a small goldfish bowl on a table and place a cup in the bottom. Fill the bowl half full with water. Kids will love lining up to place their change in the water.

Penny stacks: For this penny march idea, boys and girls stack the pennies to see who’s is the tallest.

Have fun with these ideas!
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