"Potters's Clay" Chocolate Object Lesson

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chocolate object lesson from the BiblePeople love chocolate — especially kids who are crazy about anything sweet. Delicious chocolate satisfies the sweet tooth but we know it’s the Lord that satisfies the soul. If you have a hankering to share some chocolate object lessons with kids, I can help you with that! Candy object lessons, like this chocolate idea, make good snacks too, as long as you offer them at the end of the class. You can use this candy treats as a snacks, too but I do advise handing them to kids as they exit.
Potter’s clay candy: Supplies you’ll need: microwave, glass bowl, chocolate pieces, metal spoon, candy molds
Prepare for this object lesson by making one tray of candy molds ahead of time. You need to allow the chocolate time to harden before the demonstration.
Show kids the bag of chocolate morsels and pour them into the bowl. Ask the kids to read the verse, Romans 9:21, “Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for special purposes and some for common use?” (NIV) Explain to kids that God uses the trials of life to shape us into the people he wants us to be. Say, “See this candy? Each piece is small and tasty but they are exactly the same. God does not want us to be exactly the same. He needs special shapes, sizes and personalities to achieve different things. Let’s put the chocolate in the microwave and see what happens.”
Microwave the candy for ten second intervals, taking it out to stir it after each ten seconds.
“See how the candy is changing shape? Why do you think the candy is melting?” (Wait for kids to offer their ideas.) “Right! The heat from the microwave is making this candy melt and change into a liquid shape. Now watch this.”
(Pour or spoon the candy into the molds.) “I’m pouring this candy into a mold and when it hardens, it will take a new shape. Instead of being small and the same as every other morsel, this new shape will look like one of these molds. I poured out a batch earlier. Do you want to see them?”
(Show the children the molded chocolate.) “We are like these molded candies. When we begin life we may be small and look similar to everyone else but eventually God will change us into someone wonderful and unique! Who’s ready for some chocolate?”

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