5 Ways to Reach More Children for Jesus

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When the scope of your ministry needs enlarging you have to do more than pray kids into the pews. Put shoes on those prayers and get out into the community to reach more kids.
Expand your Christian ministry by moving into these five areas of ministry. They don’t require expensive equipment or a committee of public relations people. Get back to the basics and reach the kids just on the edge of the ministry. I’ve implemented these ideas myself and have seen notable results. They could work for you too!
Start a best friends’ club. When kids join begin regularly attending my kids’ church, I ask them to fill out an information card. One of the questions I ask is “Who are your two best friends?” After I establish a relationship with my kids, I encourage them to host a best friends’ club. I meet with my church attendee and her two best friends for a night at the movies or the skating rink. I get to know new kids on a personal basis and make new friends. Pretty soon, I don’t have just one kid in church but three!
Create a Facebook page. Don’t resist technology; embrace it and use it for His glory! Creating a Facebook page is free and simple. If your church already has a page, link up with the main one. It’s important to set some rules so upload a document to teach kids how to interact with one another. Post weekly scriptures, updates on upcoming events and photos from the latest service. You’ll have to be vigilant though to keep conversations godly. It’s a great medium for connecting with new faces too.
Adopt a grandkid. I love the older generation of my church. They really love our kids and show it with their constant support. After a few grandmothers noticed that some bus kids needed help with clothes and school supplies, we implemented the “adopt-a-grandkid” program. Grandmothers began praying for the kid they “adopted” through our program. Some even got to minister to the families with special meals and fun activities. This idea works wonders for ministry minded seniors and kids that need extra love.
Quarterly events draw new faces. Once a quarter we do something fun and outrageous. During summer, we host a “splash down” which was basically an outdoor kids’ crusade that involved water balloons and Super Soakers. Quarterly events keep you out of the public’s eye and raise the excitement level amongst your kids. Excitement brings new kids to church.
Attend birthday parties. It’s a hidden gem that children’s pastors rarely mine – birthday parties. I attend every party I can and meet everyone I can. Talking to kids, playing games and meeting parents is part of the pastor’s job. I take it seriously. I’ve seen a real increase in attendance by doing this.

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