Ring Toss Bible Game

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Kids and adults alike love to play games. So why not practice some Bible while playing a game?
That’s where the Ring Toss Bible Game comes in. This is a versatile game that can be used with any Bible information that you want to practice with your students.
Here’s what you need:
* multiple paper plates
* paper towel roll
* tape
* scissors
* marker
* Tape the paper towel roll onto one of the plates so that it is standing straight up and down. This will be what you will throw the rings at.
* Decide what information you are going to practice with your students. This could be anything! Here are some examples:
– 10 commandments
– books of the Bible
– fruit of the spirit
– bible characters
– bible stories
* Cut the middle out of a the other paper plates. The amount you will need will match what information you will be practicing. These will be your rings.
* Write the information, or clues, on the rings.
For example: If you are practicing the 10 commandments, you will need 10 rings and you will write one commandment on each ring. As the child throws the ring, they say the commandment that was one it.
This is such a great game that could be used for just about anything. You could have multiple “centers” of ring toss going on with different information on the rings. Make this work for your group and have fun!

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