Scripture Scavenger Hunt: Printable Bible Games for Kids

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Kids learn best when you add a little fun – that’s why your children’s ministry and kids church will love these Bible scavenger hunt activities from Children’s Worship Bulletins. Get kids out of their seats and learning God’s Word through fun activities.

A Scripture scavenger hunt is a great Bible game for a number of reasons. First, it gets kids up and moving, which is always a good thing. Second, it can be easily adapted to whatever environment you’re in – whether that’s inside or outside. Third, the built-in lesson plan makes it easy to customize the experience for your specific needs. And fourth, it’s just plain fun! So if you’re looking for a Bible game that’s active, adaptable, and enjoyable, a Scripture scavenger hunt is a great option.

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Here is an overview of how the activity works.

Two editions are available, both filled with Bible verses from the Old and New Testaments. Download and print copies of the age-level edition that best fits your kids.

  • The Junior edition features 6 Bible verses, written out completely, with one nature-item word in bold. Teachers and parents can read aloud each verse and tell children which item to go find. This edition is ideal for preschoolers, pre-K students and even some lower-elementary kids.
  • The Regular edition contains 12 verses, each with a fill-in-the-blank word. Children can look up the Scripture references in their Bibles to locate the missing nature-themed words before setting out to locate those items. This edition works well for most elementary student

Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt PDF

Step beyond a paper-and-pencil puzzle to get youngsters outside—or at least out of their chairs—when you want to harness their energy and make learning Scripture verses hands-on. It’s easier than you might think to embark on a Bible trip through the Bible with these printable Bible Verse Game sheets. scavenger hunt printable activity sheets are based on God’s Word and emphasize the necessity of reading Scripture and memorizing Bible verses. Kids can go on a fun seek-and-find quest, interacting with a variety of Bible-related items using their senses. This is not only entertaining, but will help children to increase their biblical knowledge. What better way to learn about God’s Word than by seeking it out for yourselves?

Printable Bible verse game sheets are perfect for at-home learning or Sunday School lessons. Give each child a sheet and let them loose in the room or house to find the items on the list. As they find each item, they can check it off or put a sticker on it. You can also use these sheets as part of a larger lesson on a particular Bible story or character.

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