Skit: Marty and Mabel (a modern-day Martha and Mary story)

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This skit takes the Bible story of Mary & Martha and brings it into a contemporary setting. This is a helpful way to help kids relate the lesson to modern life.


  • Marty
  • Mabel
  • John


  • a Bible
  • chairs
  • papers, stapler, tape, scissors, etc.


(Marty and Mabel are decorating the bulletin board for the Children’s Ministry)
Marty: This bulletin board is going to be so pretty! I bet everyone will really like it when they come to church tomorrow.
Mabel: It sure is. But I was wondering if I could talk to you about something that’s been on my mind lately? I’ve been struggling with something and was wondering if I could talk with you about it? I’ve also been reading 1 Corinthians and had some questions on how to apply it to my situation.
Marty: Sure! Sure! We just have to finish this bulletin board. Then I need to vacuum the Wee church room, copy the coloring page for class tomorrow, fluff the pillows in the high school room, and get the list of songs for worship tomorrow.
Mabel: (feeling dejected) Of course. Those things are important. No problem. My questions can wait.
John: (walks into the room) Hi Marty. Hi Mabel. Wow! That bulletin board looks great! Thanks so much for taking your time to get that ready.
Marty: Sure thing! We’re here to serve.
(John starts to walk off, Mabel stops him)
Mabel: John! I know you’re busy and all, but I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute. I’ve been struggling with something and was looking for some help?
John: I am busy, but never too busy to be a listening ear and maybe help find answers to your questions. Let’s go sit over there and we can look through the Bible together.
Mabel: Oh thank you so much. It’s been on my mind and I just need to talk with someone about it.
(John and Mabel go sit in the chairs and talk quietly while looking and pointing at the Bible)
(Marty continues to work on the bulletin board, looks over at Mabel and John, and gets irritated.)
Marty: (walking over to John) John! Didn’t you realize that Mabel was helping me with the bulletin board. I have so much other stuff to do to get ready for church tomorrow, and I really could use her help. Can you please tell her that this can wait and for her to help me?
John: (with caring) Marty! Marty! You are worried and bothered about so many things. I know that those things need to get done. But, what Mabel is asking for is important and I won’t turn my back on her. She has chosen the good part, which won’t be taken from her.

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