Smiley Face Bible Object Lesson: How Does God Feel?

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smiley face object lesson about God's love
What can’t you say with an emoticon? I do love a smiley face, as anyone who texts me or sends me a message via Facebook well knows. (Sorry all my friends.)
Recently, I was wracking my brain in search of an object lesson I could use to illustrate that God has feelings. Unlike their taller counterparts, kids are in touch with their feelings. When they are frustrated, they stomp their feet. When they feel sad, the tears fall like rain. They know they have feelings but what about God?
The bible tells us in Hosea 11:8, “How can I give you up, Ephraim? How can I hand you over, O Israel? How can I make you like Admah? How can I treat you like Zeboiim? My heart recoils within me; my compassion grows warm and tender.” Yes! God has a heart but let’s take that a step further, do we know how God feels about us?
For this object lesson, we need one, maybe two small dry erase boards and markers and a hand bell or buzzer. (I found some at the Dollar Tree!) Then you need to create a story that is full of emotion. I’ll give you a starter story here.
Prepare for the smiley face object lesson:

  • Draw a face on each board, minus the mouth.
  • Place a marker and an eraser at each board. Invite two volunteers to help you.
  • Tell the volunteer that you will tell a story and they will draw how God feels every time you ring the bell. They have to keep the board to themselves and not show anyone until they are done.
  • At the end, you’ll compare boards. This is a fast paced story so kids have to draw quickly.

Smiley Face Object Lesson Story

  1. Marla woke up feeling good. Before she got dressed for school, she knelt to down to pray. (Bell)
  2. Marla helped her Mom set the breakfast table and helped clean up afterwards. (Bell)
  3. Marla decided to walk to school without her brother, he was kind of annoying. (Bell)
  4. At recess, Jimmy knocked her down at recess and her knees got scratched. (Bell)
  5. Jimmy reached down and helped Marla get up. (Bell)
  6. He walked Marla to the nurse’s office. (Bell)
  7. Marla walked home from school and stopped by the neighborhood store. (Bell)
  8. Marla wanted some candy but she didn’t have enough money. She stole a pack of gum. (Bell)
  9. After walking a little ways, Marla felt guilty about the gum and she took it back. (Bell)
  10. Marla went home and her mother asked her if she had homework. Marla said no but she did. (Bell)
  11. Marla’s mother asked her again after supper and Marla confessed that she did. (Bell)
  12. Marla finished her homework and helped her brother with his. (Bell)
  13. Marla made her little brother because he was getting on her nerves. (Bell)
  14. Marla read a few pages from her kids’ bible before she went to bed. (Bell)

How did God feel about Marla at the end of the day?
Say: The truth is that God loved Marla even when she walked out of the store with the gum but stealing is a sin that makes God sad. Let’s live always thinking about putting a smile on God’s face! Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes but we should do our best to avoid making the same mistake twice. Let’s keep God happy!
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