"Water" Bible Object Lessons

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Water - Bible Object lesson ideas

Need a few object lessons for the upcoming month but don’t want to break the bank on supplies? You can do that with inexpensive (okay, cheap) items like a glass or pitcher of water. In the Bible, water is often a symbol for purity and represents the cleansing of sins. That’s a great place to start! You can feature these water object lessons all month long or spread them out over a fun unit. Teaching kids powerful biblical truths is just one glass of water away.

A spoon, a cup or a bucket? You’ll need all three of these containers for this object lesson and of course some water. Fill the cup and bucket 2/3 full of water, leave the spoon empty. Place the items on a plastic tablecloth to prevent spilling the water on your desk or table. Say, “You know, people are like these items you see here on the table. God’s Spirit is like the water you see in them. Some people are full of God’s Spirit like this bucket of water here. They love others, they obey God’s commands, they tell others about God’s goodness. Other people are like this cup of God’s Spirit. They do some of the right things some of the times. They love God but don’t always remember to love others.” (Scoop up some water with the spoon and hold it over the bucket.) “Then we have another group of people like this spoon. They only want a little of God’s Spirit. They don’t love others, they don’t follow God’s commands and they never tell anyone that God loves them. Which of these do you want to be?”

Washing away our sins. For this object lesson, wear a long-sleeved shirt that buttons at the wrist. You want to hide your arm until y you are ready to show it. Write several negative words on your arm like fear, anger or despair using a washable marker. Place a basin of soapy water on a nearby table. Unroll your sleeve and show the kids your arm. Say, “Who can see these words? Will you help me read them?” (Read each word together.) “You know, people don’t always know how you feel. They don’t know what you are going through but God does. When looks at us, He can see our fear, our anger and He doesn’t judge us for feeling these things. However, God doesn’t want us to keep these negative feelings forever. The Bible says, ‘God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind.’ When we allow God’s spirit to touch us, He can remove these feelings. The Spirit of God brings peace! Let me demonstrate.” (Wash your arm clean in the soapy water. Explain to the kids that God’s Spirit is like the water; He washes all the sin and negative feelings away!)
I’m sure you can think of a ton more ways to use water as an object lesson. Your kids will love it!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. As a member of a very small church with limited resources but a BIG love for children, I work with all ages of children. Your site is much appreciated and so helpful!!

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