Worksheet: Learn About God the Father

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Printable "God the Father" Bible Worksheet for Kids
This worksheet focuses on God the Father as one member of the Trinity. Both the characteristics and the actions of God are discussed.

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This is part of a new series of worksheets called “Learn About…” which interpret Bible topics on an elementary school level. Bibles and pencils are needed for each worksheet. These are recommended for second grade and up. Each worksheet has two pages, which we recommend printing back to back. This could be used in Sunday School, during another children’s activity, or as a kids’ bulletin during adult church.
Some readers have found our coloring page about the Trinity a helpful way to introduce this concept to children.
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3 thoughts on “Worksheet: Learn About God the Father”

  1. I love these worksheets. We have a small Sunday School Class of about 6-8 children ranging from 2nd to 6th grade. (I know that seems like a big range, but not enough for 2 classes). But, These worksheets have been a blessing. We have used all the ones from the Divisions of the Bible. Now we are going to start on the Topic ones. The children love these. They have heard all the stories(which are true by the way and very important). Now these put them in perspective. Keep them coming and I will use them. Thank you so very much for using your talents and your time to do this for all the children. God Bless you!!!

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