Sugar Cookie Object Lessons

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Sweets play a big role in many holiday celebrations and one treat that tops the list is sugar cookies. Since many of us serve a snack during our classes, why not use the beloved sugar cookie as a tasty object lesson? You’ll keep kids spellbound with your sweet stories that illustrate precious Bible meanings. An object lesson that engages multiple senses helps make your point quickly — and deliciously! Stir up some excitement in your classroom with a sugar cookie object lesson.
Cookie Cutter Kids
Place one cookie on a plate but hide the rest of them. Hold the plate up and let the kids see the cookie.
“See this delicious sugar cookie? It looks yummy doesn’t it?” (Kids say, “Yes.)
“I could eat a cookie every day but sometimes I like eating different shapes. At Christmas, I love star cookies. On Valentine’s Day, I like cookies shaped like a heart. At Easter, we have to have cookies shaped like eggs, right?” (Kids say “Yes!”)
“Do you know why? Because we like variety! So does God. God doesn’t want us to look alike, sing alike, talk alike. God loves having many different people in His kingdom. We should thank God that he likes variety! Remember this, we are all different but all are made by the same Creator, our God.”
Share a scripture to bring the message home. “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” is a good one! Psalm 139:14 (NIV)
Show and share the rest of the cookies; if possible bring a variety pack.
Broken Cookies
Before class, put a few sugar cookies in a clear, zippered bag and crush them. You could also buy a giant cookie and break it into two pieces. Pour the cookies on a flat baking sheet.
“Oh no! Our cookies look crushed and broken. We can’t eat broken cookies. Did you know that people, even kids are alot like cookies. We get broken sometimes too. Have you ever felt like this crushed cookie?” (Let kids share, then lead them back to the lesson.
“A broken leg or arm is a bad thing to have but some breaks happen on the inside of us too. When something sad happens it makes our hearts feel like this poor cookie.” (Hold the cookie tray up so the kids can see it.)
“When I see a broken cookie, I throw it away but that’s not what God does. God brings those cookies back to life.” Tuck the cookie tray under the table, then pull out a second exact cookie tray full of unbroken cookies.
“Here’s what God does! He heals our bodies and our hearts!”
A great scripture to use for this object lesson is “He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases,” Psalm 103:3 (NLT)

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