Sunday School Curriculum Inspired by Animal Crossing Game

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We just announced our first new curriculum for 2022. It’s called Biblical Crossing: 4-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum and will make a big splash in your kids church or Sunday School.

This series is inspired by the wildly popular family-friendly video game called “Animal Crossing.” Biblical Crossing: 4-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum will keep your students’ attention, help them grow in their faith, and encourage them to share the Good News. Children will find out what it takes to tend to their “faith island” by connecting with Jesus in daily life.

Download the free sample lesson or purchase the complete 4-week curriculum.

This curriculum is flexible enough to handle a wide range of age groups in even the smallest Sunday school. We have included “more than enough” with each lesson to help you adapt to every teaching situation. Use what you can to teach the main idea, even if your class time does not allow for all activities.

Animal Crossing has become a popular social simulation video game that allows children (and adults) to escape to their own island where they are responsible for building relationships with other animals and maintaining a sense of community. It has lots of real-world applications, but it can also be a great symbol for building your relationship with Jesus after you accept him into your heart. When we are first saved, we are so excited, but then we realize that it takes work to build and maintain a relationship with Jesus. In this series, children will learn how to tend to this relationship so they can grow their faith and stay connected to Jesus.

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