Craft Idea for Teacher Appreciation

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This is a craft idea we used recently in our children’s ministry. We had the children paint their hand-prints on resume paper alongside their name. Once the paint dried, we helped the kids write encouraging notes for their teachers. You can also watch this teacher appreciation craft on our YouTube channel.

Supplies Needed

  • Non-Toxic paint
  • resume paper
  • paper plates
  • paper towels and wet wipes
  • markers
  • buckets for cleaning hands
  • at least two adult workers

The idea behind this craft is to help children show appreciation for their school teachers. It could also be used for Sunday School teacher appreciation. Either way, it encourages kids to have respect and honor the adults who serve them through education.
This was actually very similar to a project we did last year when we painted children’s hand-prints on the wall. We have added several new kids to the ministry and wanted to include them on the wall mural. Last year we used the paper prints for mother’s day, but this year we decided to use them for encourage their school teachers.
I’d love to hear your thoughts about this craft project. Please leave a comment below. You can also upload pictures to our Facebook page if you decide to try this appreciation craft in your ministry.

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