“Teachers are Heroes” Coloring Page

We want to help kids show appreciation to their online teachers during this COVID-19 pandemic. Please copy, print, share in anyway that can encourage all the creative educators who keep our kids moving forward! They are doing the work of God through education! These are part of our free everyday hero coloring book.

Teacher Appreciate - Teachers are heroes even online!

The caption on this coloring page reads:

Rain or shine, at school, online! Our teachers are the key. They bring wisdom, love, and learning to him, and her, and me!

The border adds other education professionals:

Tutors, teacher’s aides, principles, janitors, substitutes, superintendents, bus drivers, counselors, cafeteria workers.

Thanks God for Teachers Coloring Page

Kids are happy to show gratitude to their teachers, like all the everyday heroes. Even when things are difficult the teacher keeps serving God’s Kids!

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