Coloring Page: Peaceful Protesters are Heroes

We want to help children understand that peaceful protesters are doing important work to make the world a better place. Please copy, print, share in anyway that can encourage all the social change and justice for all! They are doing the work of God through speaking truth and seeking to end prejudice. These are part of our freeΒ everyday hero coloring book.

Coloring Page: Peaceful Protesters are Heroes
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This line-art illustration shows several kids of different races standing together to ask for change in their society. The t-shirts say change, hope, and show a heart. The caption on this coloring page reads:

Thank you GOD for our Heroes… Peaceful Protesters.

Now is the time to listen….

“Above all love each other deeply.” 1 Peter 4:8

Thank God for Peaceful Demonstrations Coloring Page

Children are curious and maybe even confused about all the problems in our society. This coloring page will help talk about why and how people can come together and seek social change. Protesters are heroes and doing something very important for their communities.

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