"Someone is Thankful for Me" Printable Bracelets Craft

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Kids love to wear paper bracelets! I don’t care if they are a boy or a girl, young kids love to have paper wrapped around their wrist. My youngest son, 2nd grade, thinks he looks like a super hero when he has a paper bracelet on.

I ran with that idea and thought it would be great to make paper bracelets for Thanksgiving. The trick is, they aren’t for themselves. They have to give them to someone else. Now, can they give them to each other? Of course! Can you as their teacher give one to each of the children in your class? Yes! They just can’t give one to themselves. After all, the bracelets say “Someone is thankful for me!” I can’t wait to see kids running around the church, armed with bracelets and stickers (to attach them to the person they’re giving them to), showing others how thankful they are for the people in their lives.
All you need to do is print these out (on card stock, if possible), cut, and pass them out. Stickers or tape would work great to attach them.
I hope your children show their thankfulness to others in their church!

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