The Best Children’s Ministry Podcasts

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If you are a Kids Ministry leader, you know how important it is to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and resources. One great way to do this is by listening to the top podcasts. There are many great podcasts out there that can help you learn more about leading kids ministry, and keep your teaching fresh. In this blog post, we will share our picks for the best podcasts for Kids Ministry leaders!

As we planned the new podcast from the Sunday School Store, I looked up the active podcasts serving children’s ministry leaders. Here is what I’ve found so far, please leave me a comment if you’re an active podcaster in the children’s ministry space because I’m happy to expand this list.

What are the best podcasts to encourage kids ministry leaders?

Kids Ministry 101 Podcast from LifeWay

The Kids Ministry 101 Podcast is a weekly podcast that provides helpful tips and resources for anyone involved in children’s ministry. Some of the topics covered include teaching Bible stories, creating a safe environment, building relationships with kids, and more. Each episode includes interviews with experts in various fields of children’s ministry, advice from the Lifeway kids team, and practical tips that listeners can apply to their own ministries. You will learn about current trends and how to best equip children’s ministry leaders.

Orange Kids Podcast

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustles of ministry, but it is important that we stay grounded. The Orange Kids Podcast helps kid’s church leaders with this by providing encouragement from experienced volunteers who share their insight on how you can do what needs done best no matter your situation or size! If your looking for kids ministry answers, this is a great place to learn. You can also hear leading voices in student ministry from the other Orange ministry podcasts.

Kids Ministry Collective Podcast

The Kids Ministry Collective Podcast is all about helping Kidmin Leaders take their ministry to the next level. Each episode, we interview a different children’s ministry leader and explore their unique approach to ministry as well as the challenges and successes they’ve experienced along the way. We also offer practical tips and resources that you can start using in your own ministry immediately. So whether you’re just starting out in children’s ministry or you’ve been leading kids’ ministries for years, the Kids Ministry Collective Podcast will equip and encourage you to reach more kids for Jesus Christ.

Kidmin Talk Podcast by Kidology

Kidmin Talk is a weekly podcast hosted by Karl Bastian and provides insights and ideas for anyone working with kids in any capacity. The show features interviews with top leaders in the fields of children’s ministry, as well as tips from everyday people doing amazing things with kids. It’s an enjoyable listen for anyone wanting to learn more about kidmin, or simply be encouraged in their work with kids.

KidzMatter Podcast Network

You get 5 active podcasts all about children’s ministry. Ryan Frank interviews some of the most successful children’s ministry leaders ever to share their insights and advice with you. They have content for new leaders, recharging your ministry, preteen ministry, preschool ministry, and Ryan Frank’s interviews.

Nick Blevins Family Ministry Podcast

The Nick Blevins Family Ministry Podcast is a weekly podcast aimed at helping families grow closer to God. The show features interviews with pastors, authors, ministry boost members, and other family experts, as well as discussions about topics relevant to today’s families. Whether you’re looking for advice on raising kids, navigating tough times, or just growing closer to God, the Nick Blevins Family Ministry Podcast has something for you!

KidMin Creatives

KidMin Creatives is the podcast for children’s ministry leaders who are looking to create more engaging activities and find creative ideas. Every week, you’ll find Kidmin content that will help your kids have an awesome time at church and experience God’s Word like never before! You will find other various ministry ideas to lead families in discipling kids.

Kids Ministry and Leadership Podcast

The Kids Ministry and Leadership Podcast with Andy Kirk is all about helping church leaders and volunteers who work with kids. Andy interviews top-notch experts on a variety of topics related to ministry, offering practical tips and advice that you can apply in your own ministry setting. Whether you’re a first-time leader or an experienced veteran, there’s something for everyone on this podcast!

Apostolic Children’s Ministry Podcast

If you want to hear from people who have been in the trenches and can help with your kids, then look no further than these podcasts. They feature interviews of various professionals including Sunday school teachers or directors as well information on topics that are helpful for anyone involved bus ministry work at any level!

Developing Leaders, Impacting Kids

The Developing Leaders, Impacting Kids podcast is all about sharing ideas and tips to help you develop a local church leader. Listen to their fun conversation about reaching young people for Christ. They also also be discussing strategies that have been successful in ministry with kids!

New Podcast: Kids Ministry Coffee Break

The Kids’ Ministry Coffee Break is a 5-minute podcast that will help you connect with God and share the love of Christ with children. This quick show offers practical advice for ministry leaders like yourself who are looking to grow in their faith, as well encouragement from experienced church volunteers! Take some time out on your lunch break (or any other) by listening today – we know it’ll be worth every second!!

Listen to Kids Ministry Coffee Break on Spotify or Audible podcasts.

How can listening to children’s ministry podcast help you grow as a church leader?

Church leaders can benefit from listening to children’s ministry podcasts by gaining ideas for teaching children the Bible, and learning how to create a fun and engaging children’s ministry program. Additionally, church leaders can learn how to disciple children and help them grow in their faith. Listening to children’s ministry podcasts is a great way to stay connected with what’s going on in the world of children’s ministry, and it can help church leaders keep up with the latest trends and resources.

Podcasts are also great to share with your volunteer team. They are a simple way to train, resource, and encourage everyone serving in the children’s ministry. As a Kidmin leader you need to find affordable resources designed to equip your volunteers. Add these podcasts to your list of helpful resources. Even for churches with no training budget, sharing a podcast resource is a powerful free option. Many of these episodes are perfect to share with parents too.

Children’s ministry leaders and volunteers can gain a lot of insight and practical advice from listening to children’s ministry podcasts. By hearing real-life examples of successes and failures, church leaders can be better equipped to create and/or improve their own children’s ministry programs. In addition, listening to children’s ministry podcasts can help church leaders stay up-to-date on the latest trends and research in the field. All in all, listening to children’s ministry podcasts is a great way for church leaders to continue learning and growing in their roles.

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