"The Great Commission" Bible Lesson

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The Great Commission is important because it serves as a guide for Christians who do not know what to do with their lives. As Jesus is ascending into Heaven he reminds his disciples that they must be His witness in all the earth. They must spread the good news of Jesus’ resurrection and offer of salvation to everyone who will listen. They must share this news with people in their hometowns, their country and in other countries. This work is still not complete and so we must carry on with the Great Commission and continue to share the good news of the salvation that Jesus gives us to everyone who will listen.
Lesson Title:   The Great Commission
Bible Reference:  Acts 1:6-11
Target Age Group: Preschool to Elementary
Learning Context: Sunday School
Target Time Frame: 45 minutes
Focus Verse: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8
Learning Aim: 

  1. Jesus gave all Christians a big command and it is called the Great Commission.
  2. The Great Commission says that the Holy Spirit will help us.
  3. The Great Commission says that we are to continue sharing the good news until everyone hears it.

Basic Supply List:

  1. Bible
  2. Paper
  3. Crayons/colored pencils
  4. Green and blue tissue paper
  5. Paper plates
  6. A hole puncher
  7. Glue
  8. Ribbon
  9. Masking tape
  10. Cotton Balls
  11. Picture of Jesus
  12. Blindfold

Note: In the teaching plan below the words in italics are meant to be read aloud. The regular text is simply directions for the teacher.
> > > > Basic Teaching Plan < < < <
Introduction: Begin by greeting each student to class and asking them to share one really good thing that happened to them this week. Once every child has had a chance to share say, Whenever we have good news, we want to share it.  The ultimate good news is that Jesus is alive and has made a way for us to live eternally with Him. 
Biblical Evidence: Read Acts 1:6-11. Say, This story takes place after Jesus has died on the cross and then come back to life.  He has spent time with his disciples teaching them about who He truly is. The disciples are wondering when Jesus will return to them.  He tells them not to worry about that but to just focus on telling others that He has risen from the dead and that they can have salvation.  He tells the disciples that they cannot successful tell others about Him on their own, but that the Holy Spirit will be with them wherever they go.  He also tells them that they must tell everyone about Jesus, whether they live next door to you or across an ocean.  Then, miraculously Jesus is taken away to Heaven in a cloud.  When the disciples stay there watching Jesus disappear they are reminded that they have a lot of work to do and need to get busy!
Our Job:  Say, It has been 2,000 years since this story took place, but the work is still not complete. Therefore we must keep telling others about Jesus and how He died on the Cross for our sins.  This is called the Great Commission and it means that we all have the job of telling others about Jesus. Give each child some paper and crayons and have them draw a newspaper.  Explain that a newspaper is where people can write news that they want everyone to know.  When they have finished making their newspapers, have the kids act out giving their newspaper to someone and telling that person about Jesus.  Encourage them to think of a person to whom they can tell the good news this week.
World Craft: Remind the class that Jesus has commanded us to share the good news with everyone in the world.  This craft will symbolize telling the people that live near to them and the people that live far away from them.  Write the Bible verse at the top of a paper place.  Use a hole puncher to make a hole at the top of the paper plate.  Tie a ribbon to the top of the paper plate so that the kids can take it home and hang it up like a mobile.  Have them draw a picture of their neighborhood on the side of the plate with the verse.  Then turn the plate over and cover the back with glue.  Have the kids cover the glue with green and blue pieces of tissue paper to symbolize the earth.
Jesus in the Cloud Game: This game is like pin the tail on the donkey, except you use a picture of Jesus and cotton balls with tape on them.  First, put a picture of Jesus on the wall at your students’ eye level.  Blindfold them and hand them a cotton ball with masking tape on one side of it.  They will walk towards the wall and try to hide Jesus in the cloud.  Whoever’s cloud is the closest wins.
Closing: Close the lesson by asking them what the Great Commission is.  Reinforce the idea that the Great Commission is for all Christians to tell others about Jesus.  Ask them who they need to tell about Jesus.  Remind them that they need to tell everyone about Jesus because He is the only way to have salvation and forgiveness from their sins.  Tell the class that they do not have to be afraid to tell others about Jesus, because the Holy Spirit will go with them always. Finally, close the lesson in prayer.
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3 thoughts on “"The Great Commission" Bible Lesson”

  1. It’s a great lesson, simple and to the point. Thank you so much! I will recommend this website to all the Sunday school teachers i know.
    May the Lord richly bless you!

  2. Great stuff! I love this lesson simple and to the point quite catchy as well. I have preteens and teenagers as teachers and definitely, this lesson is more doable it makes them really want to teach now. Gratefully contented.
    May wisdom, understanding, and great inspiration continue to flow to you and your team from the Father above.

  3. Hey! I like the lesson, just wanted to point out that the intro, “The Great Commission is important because it serves as a guide for Christians who do not know what to do with their lives.”, might be a bit misleading, since the Great Commission is not just for Christians who “do not know what to do with their lives” but for all Christians regardless where they’re at.

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