Three Popcorn Object Lessons from Mark 4:7-9

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Three Popcorn Object Lessons from Mark 4:7-9
Could teaching kids about God be as easy as popping a bag of popcorn? Yes, indeed! If you have some popcorn, you can easily teach three significant object lessons to your Sunday School, children’s church or summer camp. Since it smells so tempting and delicious, have plenty of popcorn on hand to serve and share with kids after your teaching demonstrations. Ready to show object lessons that pop? (I couldn’t resist, sorry!)
The Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit
(For this object lesson you need an air popper, popping oil, a bowl and some loose kernels.)
Place all the items on a table in the teaching area. Pour some of the kernels in your hand and pass them around. Say, “You know, it is to forget that our tasty popcorn snacks begin as humble kernels. Do you know how this hard kernel becomes a fluffy treat? Air! This reminds me of the Holy Spirit! When He rolls over us and blows on us, He changes us too. Let’s see what happens when we expose these hard kernels to some air.” (Put the popcorn in the machine and pop a small batch.) “Wow! Look at that. That’s so cool. The hot air changed the kernel to popcorn. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to change us too!”
A Few Seeds Feed Many
(For this object lesson, you need some loose kernels to hold in your hand a few bags to pop in the microwave.)
Pour the corn in your hand and show the kids. “Do you see this little bit of popcorn seed? It doesn’t look like enough to feed everyone here does it? However, once we pop it, each kernel grows and gets bigger. Believe it or not, we can feed everyone here with just a little.”
“This reminds me of something Jesus did. When his followers were hungry after three days of following him, he did something amazing. He took a few loaves of bread and a couple of fishes and prayed over them. He lifted them to heaven and when he brought the baskets down to the ground, they were filled with food. That’s so amazing! Let’s have a treat!”
The Lost Seeds
Before kids arrive, hide some popcorn seeds around your classroom. Share with the class Mark 4:7-9. After you share the story, tell kids to find the seeds and collect them. This object lesson makes a great activity for a group that likes to move around.
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