Treasures in Heaven Object Lesson

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Object Lesson about Treasure in Heaven
How I love the book of Matthew! This book of the Bible has so many wonderful nuggets of truth right from the Master’s lips. Take for instance the parable about treasures in heaven from Matthew 6:19-21.
“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and rust destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where you treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
Setting Up the Treasures in Heaven Object Lesson
Prepare for teaching this lesson by gathering these supplies: piggy bank, coins, posterboard cut out of a piggy bank, pushpins, paper coins, marker and tape. Place the piggy bank and coins on a table near your learning area. Next, hang the cutout of the piggy bank on the wall with pushpins. On the paper coins write phrases like, “Feed the Hungry” or “Comfort the Sad.” Put these near the cutout on a table with the tape.
Say: “Let’s read this parable together. Everyone stand up on one foot! Let’s read it in our normal voice the first time and then we will stand on the other foot and read it super slow.” (Read the verse twice.)
“Some people use a piggy bank to hide their coins. When Mom or Dad gives you extra change, a piggy bank is a good place to keep until you are ready to spend. You can shake it and hear the change in there. That’s fun to do! What are some reasons why you might get some change?” (Lost a tooth, did a chore, had a birthday etc.)
“It’s a good idea to save your treasure so you don’t lose it but sometimes things happen. People can find the secret opening and unplug and steal your money. A thief might even be able to break the bank in half and destroy it. That’s bad news!”
“Jesus says that when we put our money in heaven’s bank, we never have to worry about losing it. What does that mean? How do we put money in heaven’s bank? We do the things God asked to us to do, kind things, like caring for the sick, turning the other cheek, giving to the Lord. God sees all these things and every time we do one, He drops another coin in our heavenly piggy bank.” (Tape paper coins to the bank.)
I encourage you to store up some treasures in heaven. Not only will you have some treasures when you get there but doing so will keep your heart loving God.
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  1. Great lesson! Thanks! Might want to check your scripture close to the top, it contains typo. Should read, “where theives break in and steal” instead of “where theives do not break in and steal”
    Again great lesson, thanks for the idea.

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