Children's Books That Engage True Princesses

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My three-year old is sleeping right now, all snuggled up under her beloved princess blanket.  Most likely, her dreams have set her on a frantic search for Cinderella’s lost slipper in a faraway land.  I adore this stage of her life – the tea parties, the dress-up gowns, the pretend play and the creativity.  However, I am not as crazy about the princesses themselves.  Most often, they lack a good bit of substance.
On a search for literature that would appeal to my three year old, I found the following children’s books.  Not only do they engage her imagination, but they also satisfy my desire that she grow up to be a princess after God’s own heart.  I hope and pray that they become a blessing to the little princess in your life, as well.  Enjoy reading these books together.  And may many good God questions and conversations result.
The True Princess, by Angela Elwell Hunt
Angela Hunt, the author of The Tale of Three Trees (one of my all-time favorites!), has written a captivating fairy tale in The True Princess.  There is a generous king and a beautiful princess, who live in a faraway land.  This parable reinforces the concept of royalty taught in scripture – the honor and privilege of being an heir to the King.  What I love about this princess story is the focus on serving selflessly, instead of being served with an air of disdain.  It teaches the concept of Matthew 20:26, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.”  Diana Magnuson illustrated this charming tale with medieval-style pictures, sure to engage little princesses ages 4-8.
God’s Wisdom for Little Girls:  Virtues and Fun from Proverbs 31, by Elizabeth George
This is bestselling author Elizabeth George’s first children’s book.  Though it would not be classified as a princess story, it certainly teaches Biblical truths that would characterize “a true princess.”  God’s Wisdom for Little Girls: Virtues and Fun from Proverbs 31 utilizes Proverb 31 to teach girls (ages 4-8) about the virtues of being helpful, confident, thoughtful, eager, prayerful, creative, cheerful, and kind.  The illustrator, Judy Luenebrink, compliments the book’s rhyming text with beautiful classic paintings that correlate with the character traits identified.  This book is one of my personal favorites!
My Child, My Princess, by Beth Moore
This is the first children’s book written by Beth Moore, best-selling writer.   My Child, My Princess weaves the tale of a king’s rebellious daughter, who runs away after an argument with her dad.  Disguised as a peasant, the princess spends a day playing in the mud with children in the country, who lack respect for the King.  Once she realizes that she has made a mistake, she wonders if her father will forgive her.  Upon her return to the castle, her dad greets her with welcoming arms and unconditional love and care.  This parable, a heartwarming tale of our Heavenly Father’s love for us, will work its way into the hearts of any little girl, ages 4-34.  (I got choked up at the end, first time through!)  Beverly Warren’s gorgeous medieval-style illustrations also complement the fairy tale well.
God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible, by Sheila Walsh
We recently purchased God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible for our daughter.  I can’t wait until we dive into it together!  The book is set up like a devotional, with short excerpts of spiritual truths.  These truths are divided into sub-features, including a Scripture memory portion, beauty tips (brush your teeth, take a bath, etc.), Bible princess biographies, promises from God, articles on drama, worship, and manners, Biblical values, and simple applications of those values.  It’s very practical, fun, and engaging for girls, ages 4-7.
What Biblically based resources have you found helpful for teaching the princesses in your life?

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