Children’s Bible Stories Translated (French, Spanish, Mandarin, and More)

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We’re big fans of Crossroads Kids club and their excellent Bible story videos. Now they offer this same excellent Bible teaching in several translations. This is an amazing free resource for doing ministry in non-English. I.E. Spanish, French, Mandarin, and more.

Crossroads Kids’ Club Translations is their YouTube channel that hosts these videos. Currently you can find their God’s Story videos translated in: 

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Mandarin
  • Lithuanian
  • Norwegian

They also have some wordless editions for anyone working in languages beyond their current translation work.

Children’s Bible stories in Spanish

Video Bible Stories available in Spanish

  • La Historia de Dios: Preparandonos para Jesús
  • La Historia de Dios: Jesus sano a un hombre
  • La Historia de Dios: La Ultima Cena
  • La Historia de Dios: Pascua
  • La Historia de Dios: Dos Hijos y un Padre
  • La Historia de Dios: La Historia de Dios

Children’s Bible stories in French

Video Bible Stories available in French

  • L’histoire de Dieu: Noé
  • L’histoire de Dieu: Gideon
  • L’histoire de Dieu: Jean-Baptiste
  • L’histoire de Dieu: Jésus a guéri un homme
  • L’histoire de Dieu: Sermon sur la montagne
  • L’histoire de Dieu: Zachée
  • L’histoire de Dieu: Pâques
  • L’histoire de Dieu: L’histoire de Dieu

Children’s Bible stories in Chinese Mandarin

Children's Bible Stories in Spanish French Mandarin Translations

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