Volunteer Gifts: 4 Easter Baskets

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gift basket ideas for church volunteers
Without the help of volunteers, where would be? I don’t know about everyone else but I would probably be found crying in my classroom. This Easter, show your volunteers how much you appreciate them with their own Easter basket. You don’t have to blow the entire kids min budget but arranging a few themed items in a basket, along with a card really goes a long way saying, “Thanks!” I’ve pulled together some volunteer gift basket ideas to share with you. Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired!
Keep Growing! Fill this basket with items your volunteer can use during their devotional time. Small inexpensive gifts like a pack of highlighters, bookmarks, a small devotional book and sticky notes are perfect. Play up the “growing” them with a mini shovel, gardening gloves and packets of seeds.
I Picked a Great Team! This Easter basket has a strawberry picking them. For fun, use empty strawberry baskets as the actual containers. Line it with strawberry tissues paper. Include strawberry scented items like hand scrub, lotions, candles, antibacterial gel and lip balm. Put a little placard in the basket that reads, “I picked a great team!”
Stay Silly: Every children’s ministry worker has a little silly in them. Highlight this silly theme with an egg of Silly Putty, a can of Silly String and a small silly, magnetic puzzle. (You know the one where you pull the guys hair around with the magnet?) Encourage your volunteer to be silly.
You’re a Superhero: It’s such a popular theme and one that resonates with people of all ages–it’s superheroes. Do you know who your team member’s favorite superhero is? If so, find inexpensive dollar store items and fill them up in a basket. Mini action figures, bean bags, even a superhero toothbrush is a great way to play up this theme. If you don’t know, just pick one. They’ll know how special they are!
Do something nice for your volunteers at Easter! If you can swing it, add a dinner coupon to the basket and encourage them to have a nice meal on you.
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