Winter Coloring Page “Give God Praise”

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Free Winter Coloring Page
Here is a perfect way to celebrate those cold winter days and remind kids to praise God. This is one just one of our seasonal coloring pages by Mandy Groce. Each shows that God is good and we can love him for creating such a variety of weather. Leave a comment below to say thanks.
Directions: To download this Christian coloring page about winter, simply click the preview image for a print friendly PDF file. You can also download the higher resolution jpeg image for advanced editing.
This coloring picture shows brother and sister sitting beside a warm fireplace. They are smiling and reading the Bible together in their pajamas. Their are mittens hung about them on a coat rack. The caption reads:

Chilly freezy winter days, a perfect chance to give God praise.

Like all our website materials, this coloring sheets is 100% free for you to copy for your church, home, or school. You can leave a comment below to let us know how you will be using it.

4 thoughts on “Winter Coloring Page “Give God Praise””

  1. Here in New Zealand it is winter while you are all in summer. I will use this colouring in sheet as a “filler” at the end of the toddler lesson “God is our fortress”. Thanks Mandy for the sharing of your gift. We used the “God is our shepherd” artwork for our toddler lesson last month (and God sent two visitors of elementary age that this was perfect for as well).

  2. Thank you for these printable “free” sheets. I look forward using them in my Sunday School class.
    May God continue to bless and keep you.

  3. I’m using this in the packets I send to my Sunday School children (2-14). Our church is small and with Covid we have not been able to have in-person class. So thankful for the availability of materials for my class. Thank you!

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