Amazing Kid Explains Every Book in the Bible (video)

This video has been showing up all around the Internet lately. It’s definitely a powerful presentation, I love how the big picture of the Bible all points to Jesus. Enjoy and click here to share it on Facebook.

The boy in this video is only 11 years old. What would happen if all the kids in our ministry could understand and explain God’s Word with this kind of power & passion? Leave a comment here.


  1. says

    Wow, this is powerful! I would like to teach the children whom I began teaching at Sunday school this. Would it be possible to get the words so that it can be used as a powerful teaching tool for many kids around the world. If so please share.

    God bless!


  2. Lulu says

    I couldn’t help but to weep. This young man is and will do great things for the Kingdom of God. The word is in him in a huge measure. Praise God!!!!

  3. Robert Cox says

    This young man is absolutely amazing and what a powerful speaker. We need more young people with his devotion, understanding and love of God’s word and the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ. May God continue to bless this young man and all of God’s people.

  4. Bob Cox says

    Wow. What a wonderful and powerful message this young man gives. It is so wonderful to see young people who develope and have such a faith and understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have a 14 year old grandson who also has a very strong and wondersul belief and understanding of Jesus Christ and the Bible and it simply gives me goose bumps when I hear and see someone so young with such a strong faith. God Bless them.

  5. Lee Roy West says

    Absolutely fantastic, I thoughly enjoyed this presentation! Thank you so much for sharing this with so many people. May God richly bless you life.

  6. violeta padaoan says

    hallelujah PRAISE GOD 4 u may u continue to excel to be a great pastor someday,bless ur GOOD HEART, u inspire us a lot and to trust our savior more and more

  7. Susan Koch says

    How can I get the words to print off of this video of the explaination of the books of the bible?

  8. Marlene says

    what an amazing boy, already preaching and spreading the word. What a blessing to see him so on fire !!

  9. Karen says

    Hello Tony, I wanted to share an outstanding project for Children’s Ministries. Children love to contribute and when our church was going through a 40 Days of Purpose campaign, I was wracking my brains for a meaningful hands on project that children age 6-10 could complete. It had to be the Holy Spirit which guided me to a finger knitting video on youtube:
    All the kids learned it FAST and WELL; the boys turned out just as enthusiastic as the girls. I had them make a number of 6 foot long sections each, then I crocheted them into a blanket for a sick church member. You can see how the blanket turned out.!/profile.php?id=100000322116071
    All the kids were inspired and we are continuing to make more blankets, scarves and hats. Our pastors take these on visitations to the hospital, newcomers, etc. Doesn’t take long, and it inspires both kids and teachers. Thank you and God bless your work. Karen

  10. Karen says

    Hi Tony, I get your newsletter and thought your subscribers should also see how a 7 year old can “coach” us on how tell a Bible story (she uses the story of Jonah) in the link below. We’ve started incorporating “StoryTeller” volunteers into our children’s ministry—people from 1st grade and up who learn several Bible stories to tell in a dramatic fashion, like the 7 year old in the video, and visit different classrooms for 10 minutes each Sunday. Gets more people involved and the students love it!

  11. Jane Orr says

    Wow, this kids has an amazing memory and future…. bless him Lord and raise him up to Your spokesman to his generation.

  12. betty stanley says

    This young man will make a wonderful pastor one day. Wish I had just 1/2 of his memory on the Bible.

  13. Helen Hames says

    That was inspiring and delightful. Praise God for raising up the young ones of the world to speak out the truth of Jesus Christ.

  14. LUCY says



    This is what teaching our children the word of God is all about, they are and should be our TOP PRIORITY.. GREATNESS, OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABES

  16. Connie says

    This wonderful young man is so awesome. I can feel that he will one day be a Pastor and continue to deliver the word of our Lord. God Bless you.

  17. heather E Chambers says

    This young man has an amazing call and gift. I am pleased to see him using the gift that God has given him. My prayer for him is that he will continue to walk in the Light, and allow God to use him.

  18. Joan Patey says

    John the Apostle must have written to youth like this young guy i(and other students of the Word)when he penned ¨I have written unto you young men because you are strong, and the Word of God abides in you.1John 2:14. Oh that more of our youth had a personal relationship with Him.

    • says


      Mark 10:14 NIV “When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”


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