Amazing Kid Explains Every Book in the Bible (video)

This video has been showing up all around the Internet lately. It’s definitely a powerful presentation, I love how the big picture of the Bible all points to Jesus. Enjoy and click here to share it on Facebook.

The boy in this video is only 11 years old. What would happen if all the kids in our ministry could understand and explain God’s Word with this kind of power & passion? Leave a comment here.


  1. says

    Wow, this is powerful! I would like to teach the children whom I began teaching at Sunday school this. Would it be possible to get the words so that it can be used as a powerful teaching tool for many kids around the world. If so please share.

    God bless!


  2. Pranati says

    I’m awestruck at just HOW amazingly God can work in an 11 year old!!!

  3. Lulu says

    I couldn’t help but to weep. This young man is and will do great things for the Kingdom of God. The word is in him in a huge measure. Praise God!!!!

  4. Robert Cox says

    This young man is absolutely amazing and what a powerful speaker. We need more young people with his devotion, understanding and love of God’s word and the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ. May God continue to bless this young man and all of God’s people.


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