8 Simple VBS Games for Preschoolers

preschool girl playing

Last summer, my wife ran the games portion of our Vacation Bible School for preschoolers.  Now, I do Awana games every Wednesday nights for Kindergarten through Sixth grade with a couple of hundred kids each week, but those games do not translate well to preschoolers.  So, here are some preschool VBS games we came up […]

Ten Board Games Every Children’s Ministry Ought to Have

checkers board red and white

I was looking in our toy and game cabinet at church this weekend and that got me thinking about the games that every children’s ministry ought to have.  It also got me thinking about the advantages of some games over others.  Sure, Rock ‘Em / Sock ‘Em Robots is fun, but is there really a […]

“Worst Day Ever” Storytelling Game for Small Groups

picture ideas for the worst day ever game

This past weekend in small group we played a great creative story-telling game in our small groups.  I can’t claims the idea as my own.  Our children’s ministry director actually came up with the idea, but she said it was ok if I shared it with you, so here goes. We  were learning about Joseph, […]

Hey kid! What’s your name again?

blank name tag

When it comes to working with kids, there are some simple things you can do to help build a connection that will, hopefully, allow you to speak into the life of children.  The first, and oftentimes most important, thing you have to do is learn a child’s name.  If you’re like me, and a lot […]

Top 10 Devotional Blogs for Kidmin


A few weeks ago, I posted the top ten theological blogs for kidmin noting that it is important that those of us who work in children’s ministry continue to educate ourselves in theology and doctrine.  It is equally important that we spend regular time in relationship with our Heavenly Father.  To that end, the following […]

20 Non-Negotiable Principles for Evangelizing Kids

Kids talking on a tin can phone

Based on his findings from a 2004 survey of the age at which most people accept Christ, George Barna wrote: “Families, churches and parachurch ministries must recognize that primary window of opportunity for effectively reaching people with the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection is during the pre-teen years. It is during those years […]

Support Your Local Children’s Ministry – In Belize


In case you haven’t caught wind of it recently, there is something exciting brewing in the children’s ministry community.  Michael Chanley, from CMConnect.org, is rallying children’s ministers and  children’s ministries from around the United States and around the world to support a special ministry called Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus.  Kidz Konnect  was founded in 2009 […]

Top 10 Theology Blogs for Kidmin

Reading these blogs about Theology will help you become a better children's minister.

There are tons of great children’s ministry blogs out there.  You can check out a great list of them here on Ministry-to-Children.com.  Part of our role as children’s ministers, though, is to provide kids a solid foundation of knowledge in Christ and various Biblical doctrines.  In order to do that, we must also be firmly […]