Volunteer Recruitment: Why “Easy” Is the Wrong Motivation

Easy and hard sign

Recently, I was talking with someone about volunteer recruitment in kids ministry.  A well-meaning conversant suggested we should publicize the fact that volunteering in children’s ministry is “easy.” I totally understand the heart and sentiment behind the suggestion – that we need to help assuage the fear and trepidation that many people feel about volunteering […]

Top 10 Church Leadership Blogs for Kidmin

leadership concepts

Many of those who work in children’s ministry are leaders.  Whether you are the Children’s Pastor or a weekly volunteer, there is a lot to be learned from reading about leadership.  In no particular order, here are ten of my favorite blogs dealing with the issue of leadership: 1. Michael Hyatt (http://michaelhyatt.com/).  Michael Hyatt is […]

Divorce and Children: How Can Your Ministry Help?

children and divorce symbols

You can help! If you were a child of divorced parents, please click here to take a survey related to your experience. This will help us better understand the challenges divorce presents to ministry. You might be surprised to find out that the divorce rate in the United States is actually decreasing and has been […]

8 Simple VBS Games for Preschoolers

preschool girl playing

Last summer, my wife ran the games portion of our Vacation Bible School for preschoolers.  Now, I do Awana games every Wednesday nights for Kindergarten through Sixth grade with a couple of hundred kids each week, but those games do not translate well to preschoolers.  So, here are some preschool VBS games we came up […]

Ten Board Games Every Children’s Ministry Ought to Have

checkers board red and white

I was looking in our toy and game cabinet at church this weekend and that got me thinking about the games that every children’s ministry ought to have.  It also got me thinking about the advantages of some games over others.  Sure, Rock ‘Em / Sock ‘Em Robots is fun, but is there really a […]