Bible Coloring Pages for Preschoolers

Our website has a growing collection of free coloring sheets, this pages lists some of the ones most appropriate for younger children. Use these preschool Bible coloring pages in your toddler class, at home, or even in Christian daycare programs.

God's Promise to Abraham
Prayer Coloring Pages
Prayer Coloring Pages
Doubting Thomas Coloring Pages
Doubting Thomas Coloring Page
Peter Coloring Page Cartoon
Roman Centurion Coloring Page
Armor of God coloring pages
Armor of God Coloring Pages
Loving God Greatest Commandment Coloring page
"Love God" Coloring Sheet
Joseph's Beautiful Coat Page
Moses and the Ten Commandments
David the Young Shepherd Boy
Father's Day Coloring Pages
Easy Father's Day Coloring Pages
Springtime coloring pages
Spring Coloring Pages
Christmas Tree Coloring Page for Kids
Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Preschool Coloring Tips

  • Depending on the child’s development, coloring can be a challenging task. For young toddlers it’s simply a thrill to see the cause-effect of the crayon. Maybe that’s why they so often write on the walls!
  • For most preschool aged kids, a handful of primary colored crayons is enough. Don’t overwhelm them with choices and the clutter of that 124 color set.
  • As motor skills develop, the act of coloring becomes more enjoyable. Their young minds love to see how the simple combinations of bordering tones produces very different effects.
  • Some children will not stay within the lines (or even on the page). That is fine, just let them enjoy the experience and grow in their love for art. The polished projects can come later.

You can also watch that Preschool Bible Coloring Pages preview video directly on YouTube. In addition to these pages, many of our Sunday School coloring pages would work for preschool children.


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