Bible Memory Verse Puzzle: Team Learning Activity

Here is another creative way for groups of children to work together on learning their Bible memory verse. This hands-on activity includes elements of teamwork and problem solving. I’ve included pictures below to demonstrate the activity. I’d love to hear your feedback, simply click here to leave a comment.

Supplies: Several copies of the memory verse printed on white paper with a large font. Here is a sample formatted as a word doc. Then each line should be cut into strips so each child will have only a few words each. So, if the verse has 5 cut strips per copy that would be enough for 5 children. Print as many as you need in advance. If the class is larger than I expect, I will pair two children together to share. You’ll also need clear tape, or sticky tack so the children can reassemble the verse.

Memory Verse Puzzle Activity

Target Age: This activity works best with children who are competent readers. If younger kids are present, just pair them with an older child to help.

Procedure: After practicing the Bible memory verse server times with the group, say something like this. “Today we’re going to divide into teams and put this Bible verse back together like a puzzle. I need a few older students to be team leaders. Their job will be to gather the rest of the kids together to complete their copy of the scripture verse.”

Hand out the last strip from each cut-up Bible verse to the leaders, this is the one that should include a verse reference. Then give the leaders the tape (or sticky tack) they will need to rebuild the verse. I typically sent the leaders out into the hallway first.

Next, pass out the rest of the strips randomly so that all the kids have a piece.  Then send them to the leader area. The leaders will have to identify each section of the verse they need and recruit the kids for their teams.

Walk around to the groups to monitor their progress. Check each team’s verse when complete and have the group read it together in unison.

Possible Variations: For shorter Bible verses, you can have each individual piece as a separate piece of paper. If you a have ideas to share, simply click here to leave a comment. Your input will help other readers too!

Bible Memory Verse Puzzle


  1. Josephine says

    I just had a topic and found the lesson and activities so useful.

  2. jeanelyn says

    nice game makes the children to have interest participate and memorize the memory verse….

  3. says

    Thank you for the great work you are doing in children’s ministry.I find it so helpful in our department in church and learning new ideas.May God bless you!

  4. Sandra J Terpoilli says

    I am pretty interested in this website!! wow we are going to be very busy on those
    items. Thank you sooooo much. SANDRA

  5. Michele says

    Thanks for your plan! We are finding it most helpful in our family. While I was here, and thinking about it – I wanted to share a new application that was shared with our family over the holidays. Children’s Bible is designed for ages 3-13 & is made up of comic books that deal with many of the most important stories in the Bible. It’s a free app & available for most styles of smart phones. My kids have really enjoyed it & we have used it to start them on the right track with taking time to read the Bible. I just wanted to share because it is such a cool way to get the children started out young with the Word. Definitely worth checking out – and thought you may want to pass along with your readers. Thanks again for all of your helpful words!

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