Three Printable Children’s Stories

Last week, I was contacted by an aspiring Christian writer named Bonnie Lucas. She wanted to share some of her children’s stories with our readers, so I gave them a quick read through.

The stories were awesome and I wanted to pass them along to you. My first thought was to add some discussion questions and use them for learning actives related to different Christian topics. That would make them very useful for parents and Sunday School teachers.

Here’s the catch. We want your feedback. Specifically, I want to know how you could imagine using these stories in your ministry. Are teaching stories something that would be useful in your ministry?

Take a look and leave a comment below. Bonnie is waiting for your feedback, so don’t be shy about leaving a comment.

Download The Stories Below



  1. Richard Zulu says

    The stories are interesting, I would like to have some more every week.

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