Three Printable Children’s Stories

Last week, I was contacted by an aspiring Christian writer named Bonnie Lucas. She wanted to share some of her children’s stories with our readers, so I gave them a quick read through.

The stories were awesome and I wanted to pass them along to you. My first thought was to add some discussion questions and use them for learning actives related to different Christian topics. That would make them very useful for parents and Sunday School teachers.

Here’s the catch. We want your feedback. Specifically, I want to know how you could imagine using these stories in your ministry. Are teaching stories something that would be useful in your ministry?

Take a look and leave a comment below. Bonnie is waiting for your feedback, so don’t be shy about leaving a comment.

Download The Stories Below


  1. Ms Polly says

    Grandma’s Tea Cup is my favorite. I believe it will hold the attention of smaller children. I think some visual aids could be found to make this a good flannel board story and activity.
    Good luck to Bonnie!

  2. Marilyn Porter says

    I teach 2s and 3s Sunday School class and was looking for some “fresh” material that they can relate to. It seems in this “fast-paced” world, the “usual back when I was a kid” methods aren’t very effective. I’m wondering if you have any plans to divide your work into age groups and themes. I’m interested in writing children’s stories myself, and have been for quite some time. However, I’ve never really submitted anything for critique. I admire your courage and will pray that God guide you on how to use your talents for His glory. I would like to make one comment. I was very aware through all three of your stories that God was not emphasized at all … which made these more stories more secular stories with good moral content, than faith-based stories that were presented from God’s point of view. I realize how difficult it is to hold the attention of “church oriented” kids .. and I think this avenue is one that is terribly lacking. There are not many ways to tell the story of “David and Goliath” especially when they are 2 and, in all probability, are going to hear the same story for the length of their elementary days. It’s no wonder we have a problem keeping their excitement for Sunday School and church when they reach 2nd grade and above!! Not to mention that kids have very selective hearing. I’m not terribly fond of teaching David and Goliath and other stories like this to such young ages because it seems all the kids pick up is the “violence” and killing aspects, instead of the reason behind them and how we should depend on God for our strength. Anyways .. thanks for writing for our kids, and I’ll look forward to hearing more from you. If you are assembling a mailing list, I’d love to be put on it .. Marilyn

  3. Sharman Williams says

    I really enjoyed reading Bonnie Lucas’s story. They are a good source of teaching children how to obey your parents and others.

  4. Lina says

    We homeschool and yes, I’m always looking for story “lessons” to supplement our classes. I try to incorporate a monthly virtue theme applied to each subject and often look for stories that can express the theme and/or how it relates to our coursework. These by Bonnie Lucas are wonderful for our littles (2 & 5) to feel included while the olders (7, 9 & 11) work on their individual material. I especially love the one about disobedience. It’ll compliment our October lessons beautifully. Thank you for offering these!

  5. Betty Merchant says

    I really enjoyed reading Grandma’s Tea Cup. It was just right in length, and had a very good message for all of us. Thanks for sharing. I am going to share this with others.

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