Printable Christmas “Thank You” Cards for Children

Download & print these free coloring sheets to help children say “Thank You” for the presents they will get for Christmas this year. For added variety, use colored paper. Each sheet has four designs for each printed page. The hope is to cultivate the habit of thankfulness in the hearts of children. Chose from the two available file types below. We also have a thank you card object lesson you could teach with this activity.

  • PDF (easy to print)
  • JPEG or PNG (for advanced users to customize)
Christmas Thank You Cards
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If you enjoy this free printable, you can leave a comment below to say thanks to Mandy for her efforts. You can also browse more of her Christian coloring pages or all our Christmas coloring pages.


  1. Maree says

    Merry Christmas!
    Thank you for your kind,I appreciate all Ideas ,It ‘s help for my classes.
    May God bless you and ministry for children.
    Maree.from Thailand

  2. mary says

    Thanks so much I will use this to teach children how to say thank you yo their parents, friends and relatives.

    From Mary

  3. Constance says

    Thanks so much Mandy,
    I am presently using your’ thank you cards.’ My children at Junior Church needed to say thank you to some wonderful church people and we never had the cash to purchase cards. Colouring the pictures on the cards themselves made it even more special and personal.

  4. Saundra says

    Thanks, Mandy.
    I used this site and your artwork regularly for my husband’s Sunday school lessons…and more recently for my toddler grandchildren at home.
    Thanks for the Christmas thank you cards. It will be our first of many. They are four year old twin boys and a two and a half sister.

  5. Kathryn says

    Thank you for creating these. It makes writing thank you notes so much easier and fun for my kids!

  6. says

    Mandy, as I sit in my office at the recovery ministry I work for, parents of the young kids I teach at Children’s Church have stopped by to tell me how much their kids are praising God throughout the week due in part to my teaching. You and I both know that it is God working through us but I wanted to tell you how thankful and grateful I am for your work. I have been using your lessons, coloring pages, story book, ideas, etc… for over a year. May our Lord bless you richly for your works.

    In Christ’s Name,
    Church Army Recovery Ministry & Peace in the Storm Worship Service

  7. Teresa Martin says

    Just want to say thank you for this wonderful website. I teach the K, 1st & 2nd grade Sunday School class at our church. It seems that almost every week I use some of your material! We are a very small church and sometimes it is hard to find coloring/activity sheets suitable for such an age span..but you always have just what I need. Thank you for your hard work and May God Bless You!

    Teresa Martin
    Conasauga River Baptist Church
    Conasauga, Tennessee

  8. Nochelle Horne says

    Dear Mandy,
    Thank you so much for ALL your effort that has been put into these works of art! I’m a South African and it’s so nice to use your work all the way from the States!!
    Thanks, Nochelle.

  9. Rachel Braun says

    Dear Mandy,
    Thanks so much for posting your artwork so my kids can color them. I especially love the Christmas picture with the cross! Wonderful!

  10. brandi patterson says

    thank you soooo much for all these wonderful coloring pages…do you have anything for New Years??

  11. Flavour Kaumba says

    You guys are simply super. God is pleased with your ministry to millions of children. Merry Christmas

  12. Charles Agerl says

    Thanks Mandy. May the Lord bless you richly for the wonderful work you are doing in His vineyard.

  13. Tesha Thompson says

    Mandy, as you are channel only, continue to be available so that GOD may continue to create through you! Wonderful ideas!

  14. Tera L. says

    You are amazingly talented and I am super thankful for all your beautiful artwork that my kids get to color each week!

  15. Janet says

    Thank you Mandy, what a great way for 4, 5, & 6 year old children to give thanks. There are not too many people who give out thank you notes anymore.

  16. Maica Atienza says

    Thank you so much for all the ideas, the teaching, the materials , the sharing. Will definitely use this. This ministry has really ministered to us and our children in church. You are a blessing to us!
    Word International Ministries -Seattle

  17. Suely Martins says

    Dear Mandy
    I really appreciate it. Thanks. You know, I use it in my English classes, the children love all the ideas. We are from Brazil and we´d like to tell you MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  18. Vicki says

    Thanks so very much for all the help with my Sunday School class, which is K-3. I appreciate all of the lessons, all the coloring pages, game suggestions, snack suggestions and every single part of MtC. God bless all of you for your – you truly have a desire to serve and honor God and help children to understand His will and His ways. Merry Christmas b/c of our wonderful Savior, Jesus!

  19. Annette says

    Thank you Mandy! This will help me to send thank you to many children.

  20. Leigh says

    I do enjoy this!!! And I appreciate it so much! Thank you, Mandy, and MTC for sharing this. It’s going to make things so much easier!!!

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