Creation Bible Story Book for Children

Download and print this Bible storybook to help children learn about God’s work of creation. This lesson is part of a series of Bible lessons about creation. Each PDF file tells the story of creation based on Genesis and includes color visuals. Use the links below to select the chapter you need.

Story of Creation Book (PDF)

This resource was first used alongside a children’s church series about creation, but it could also be helpful in children’s Sunday school. When teaching younger children, it’s always helpful to have a visual. That is one reason why Bible story books are so handy for children’s ministry. On this page you can download a “Creation Story Book.” It would be a great help for teaching younger kids about God creating the world. There is a chapter for each day.

Here is a list of free materials for teaching children the story of creation.


  1. violet says

    Thanks again for all of the great resources. I am teaching a series on Creation to the children in my church and so far I have used a lot of your ideas on this site. It has been so exciting for the children and myself!!! May God bless you!!!

  2. says

    Thank you for the resources. I am working on an Internship in Ukraine where my parents are missionaries, and I will use some of these for a VBS I have planned!

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