Creation Bible Story Book for Children

Download and print this Bible storybook to help children learn about God’s work of creation. This lesson is part of a series of Bible lessons about creation. Each PDF file tells the story of creation based on Genesis and includes color visuals. Use the links below to select the chapter you need.

Story of Creation Book (PDF)

This resource was first used alongside a children’s church series about creation, but it could also be helpful in children’s Sunday school. When teaching younger children, it’s always helpful to have a visual. That is one reason why Bible story books are so handy for children’s ministry. On this page you can download a “Creation Story Book.” It would be a great help for teaching younger kids about God creating the world. There is a chapter for each day.

Here is a list of free materials for teaching children the story of creation.


  1. violet says

    Thanks again for all of the great resources. I am teaching a series on Creation to the children in my church and so far I have used a lot of your ideas on this site. It has been so exciting for the children and myself!!! May God bless you!!!

  2. teacher says

    Thank you so much for the creation booklet! Perfect for our kids’ church!

  3. says

    Thank you for the resources. I am working on an Internship in Ukraine where my parents are missionaries, and I will use some of these for a VBS I have planned!

  4. Konnie says

    Thank you for the variety of resources provided. It is invaluable! The lessons are biblically sound, the coloring pages, activities, etc are so user friendly. May God continue to bless this ministry.

  5. Pam Kayser says

    This is really going to help out with our October lesson plans. Then on the last Sat of Oct we are going to Creation Museum in Cincinnati area, where it will come to life for the kids!

  6. says

    I have been getting your emails for years. I am an ordained Children’s Pastor but no longer work in a church setting. I own and operate my own preschool and we are preparing for school starting. I am grateful for your site, we are on a limited budget as are many ministries. Thank you, I have found the items easy enough for my 2 yo to use as well as my 4 yo and youngers.

  7. Joyce says

    We were doing VBS on a shoe string budget. Your website provided so much help! Thank You!

  8. Kimberly says

    Thank you for your lessons. I have been using the lessons on creation for a Wednesday night children’s class. I really appreciate the work you put into all your lessons and that you share it with all of us. I look forward to accessing many of the other lessons as well.

  9. Lindy says

    didn’t know where to start for family evening devotions. Found this site. I just love it and my kids love it too. have printed Day 2 & 3 of creations. my kids love the action too (memory verses). thanks you very much.

  10. Tabitha says

    I did my senior project on the Creation Story. I had a hard time finding a take home paper. The Creation Bible Story Booklets are just right when I add a coloring sheet to the end.

  11. Darlene says


    First off, thank you so much for making this material available to us; and making it free. What a blessing you all are.

    On the booklet for Creation day one; the print out comes out backwards. In other words, the design for the front cover is printed on the left side of the sheet. If you fold it correctly, it opens to the left instead of the right like books do. The page “Darkness was over the earth” is printed so closely to the margin that divides the paper when cut. When book is together you cannot read the letters on the far left side of page. You have to cut the pages down the middle; trim them up because you can’t read darkness page if you don’t. Then all pages are uneven and you have to keep trimming them.

    All that said, it truly is a wonderful little book!

  12. Emily Hill says

    I had looked and looked and prayed and looked some more, until I found this website! We have just started a new church and it was layed upon my heart to do the days of creation. I have children from the age of 2 all the way up to the age of 9 in the same room, and these lessons were truly God sent. I feel very blessed to use these and I could never be more grateful! Thank you very much!

  13. Susan Custance says

    The Creation-Day 1 booklet is very confusing. I expected that it would be formatted for a simple back-to-back copy-and-fold, but that sure doesn’t work! I suppose I will separate each page, lay it out and arrange the pages so I can copy them in that format, but that is a lot of extra work for busy Sunday School teachers! Hope the other booklets aren’t so complicated as the illustrations and print are the nicest I’ve seen!

  14. Tammy says

    Thank you SO MUCH for the Days of Creation booklets! I have been using them with my Puggles in Awana, and it’s especially wonderful for those children who do not have their own Bible story books. I greatly appreciate your willingness to share this wonderful resource!

  15. Emer says

    Thanks for sharing the creation story boolets! I will be able to usr this with my nursery class next school year. God Bless!

  16. Tammy Grassmid says

    Thank you for creating the Creation Book. I am going to use it as a resource in my classroom. I am going to laminiate the pages and make it into a book for my first graders to read.
    There is one problem…when I was going to copy days 6 & 7 there was an overlap of the pages so it wasn’t possible to copy the first 2 pages. Is there a way to fix this problem so I can have a complete book- days 1-7?
    I would appreciate any help so I can copy the last pages of the book.
    Again, thanks for this great resource!!!
    Tammy Grassmid

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