Object Lessons: God’s Forgiveness

The act of forgiveness is freeing but God’s forgiveness is so complete that it is astounding! Our relationship with God begins with His willingness to forgive us. The love match continues as the Christian, young and old learns to depend on that very forgiveness daily. Christian children need to understand that God’s forgiveness covers their entire list of sins. They must know that God’s forgiveness is always available to them.

Object lessons about God’s forgiveness will open the eyes of the heart. Use these demonstrations to show kids how God forgives sinners.

Object Lesson #1: Coffee Filter

You may want to wear a plastic glove for this object lesson so ink does not transfer to your skin. Take a white coffee filter and hold it in your hand. As you cradle it lovingly, tell kids the filter is like their young souls. Say, “At the beginning of life, children commit no knowledgeable sins.” (Save the lesson about being born into sin for a later time.) Then explain to kids that we all sin, even kids. Take a pencil and write on the coffee filter the name of common sins. Let the group give suggestions like lying or stealing.

Next, use the red food coloring and explain that this item represents the blood of Jesus. When God forgives us, He uses the blood of Jesus to wash away our sins. Squirt the coffee filter lightly with the food coloring. Contain to squirt until the red color spreads around the filter covering the penciled letters. Tell kids that God’s forgiveness will erase all their sins.

Object Lesson #2: Wrapped and Tied

For this object lesson, you will need an old sheet, washable markers, twine and scissors. This object lesson also calls for audience participation. Spread the sheet out on a long table. Fold the sheet in half to prevent markers from leaking on to the table. Talk to kids about sin. Explain that sin hurt you and they hurt God. Be honest with kids and let them know that even you, the teacher has sinned sometime. Name some sins and write them on the sheet. Disobeying parents, cheating at school or bullying are sinful examples you could use. Tell kids that they need to ask God to erase sins because the sins are tied to them.

Ask a volunteer to come to the front of the room. Begin wrapping the child’s body with the sheet. The sin words should be facing outwards. Explain to kids that the volunteer did not commit these sins, he is just volunteering. Once you have the child wound up, encircle his body with some twine. Tie the twine in a knot.

Tell kids that this is what our spirits look like before God forgives us—covered in sin. Lead kids in a prayer asking for God’s forgiveness. After the pray use scissors to cut the twine or just loosen the knot with your hands. Say that God sets us free when we ask Him too!


  1. Fullenwiley says

    I used a baby food jar. sins were represented by different colors of food coloring. as they named a sin, they squirt some color in. then at the point of my impact, I had another clear baby food jar with the blood of Jesus written on it filled with Clorox. I poured it in the colored jar. after about 5 minutes, the color was gone completely

  2. Mini says

    can I use toilet paper maybe oh and those are all great ideas! If I use the egg example I am pretty sure someone would ask if they could eat it :)

  3. Miss Debbie says

    Another idea with the sheet or maybe some old white t-shirts, help the kids to write or have the kids write down in washable markers some sin words on the sheet or shirts. Then use a squirt/spray bottle and smear each word so it is not readable and explain that this is what God does to our sins — He washes away all our sins when we put Jesus in our hearts.

    Or you could rubber band up the marker words, dip the word spots in water which will blur the words (kind of like tie-dye). Again explaining this is what God does when we accept Jesus into our lives.

  4. Vicky says

    Brilliant ideas to communicate the love of Christ and what He did for Us on Calvary.

  5. says

    Another object lesson along these lines involves a black marker & a boiled egg. Present the boiled egg (shell still on) to the kids as a picture of a clean slate. Have the kids brain storm common sins. Write the sins on the egg with the black marker until the whole egg is covered in writing. (Use a Sharpie so the marker doesn’t smear) Pass the egg around so they can see how dirty it is and even let them try to clean it with a tissue or rag. Talk to them about Jesus taking away our sins and making us new. While you talk crack the egg on the table and peel away the outer shell. When Jesus forgives us He takes away our sin and makes us clean & new! The kids love the picture…especially when you crack it! :) And try not to make any “deviled egg” jokes… :)

  6. ruby says

    Great lesson….

    another neat idea that I did with my kids in class was that i made a pendulum with a camara tripod…. i got the actual project from martha stewart “pendulum painting” but instead of making just a painting, i asked the kids to write down different sins on the blank canvas with a sharpie…. after that we used different shades of red paint with the pendulum to “cover our sins” and it was really cool…

    all of the kids had fun and they all left knowing that Jesus shed his blood so that we could be forgiven for our sins….

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