Free VBS Material: The Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit VBSLast year we posted a free VBS curriculum written by Tara Tegard called “Bible Boot Camp VBS.” It is still available for download and hundreds of churches have used it in their ministry.

Tara has written a second Vacation Bible School curriculum and wants to share it with readers on our website. It is titled “BigHeart Farms” and covers Galatians 5:16-26, the Fruit of the Spirit.

Download Links

There are two files to download, for each you can choose a PDF or DOC format that can be edited with Microsoft Word.

She writes, “I give it freely for anyone to use in any ministry setting, be it through a church, missions trip, or home use. However this can be used to share the Gospel, I give permission for it to be done.”

Music Suggestions: Here are some music resources that we’ve hear people using with these lessons.

More Resources

Our website has many free resources to help you plan Vacation Bible School. Here are a few that would be most relevant to this free VBS.

We would love to hear how you use this material in your ministry. Please leave a comment to share your stories or make suggestions for further improvement.


  1. glenda says

    We used the armor of god theme last year and it blessed us tremendously. thank and we will be using fruit of the spirit this year and again thank you.

  2. Jonalyn N. Fulguerinas says

    I use armor of God VBS last year. It was great. This time I will be using the big hearts farm. It was a great blessing . I know the children will love it as they are going to learn the fruits of the spirit. God Bless your ministry.

  3. Herman Cabantac says

    We are a small home-based fellowship in Germany, and we just ended our VBS using your Fruit of the Spirit curriculum. It was such a blessing! Thank you very much. “Vielen, vielen Dank!

  4. Criss Engels says

    I used your Armor of God VBS last summer (2012) for a new community outreach/ministry in my front yard for family, friends and neighbors. It was awesome! I just want to thank you, and Ministry to Children, again! I used the BigHeart Farms this year and it was a huge hit as well! We had an average of about 20 children each night of the week, with Friday night being the largest at 23. That night when i gave the invitation to ask Jesus into their hearts, 9 of those precious treasures raised their hands and came forward for prayer!!!!!!!! 2 were baptized that weekend on Father’s Day and 3 others were baptized in our family pool in the backyard!! THANK YOU….over and over again!!!!!! I am anxiously awaiting the next one you write!!!! BIG blessings to you!

  5. Carolyn says

    I am using the fruit of the spirit vbs this year and I need decoration ideas any suggestions. HELP!!!!!!!

    • Darcy says

      We are using Fruit of the Spirit VBS this year too. We made a fruit stand (like an old-fashioned lemonade stand with huge fruits painted on the sides and front) to provide fresh fruit for the kids throughout the week. We also have lots of fruits around and made a huge fruit basket poster filled with fruits labeled as Fruit of the Spirit and the bible verse. It’s a pretty easy theme to decorate, just think fruit stands, fruits and more fruits! Have fun!

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