“God Created” Craft Project for Children

Here is a simple learning activity for your children’s ministry from Cullen’s abc’s. This craft project about the days of creation would be a great add-on to any Sunday School lesson about God creating the world. Plus, you can use the craft to re-tell the Bible story.

Days Of Creation Craft Project

This video will show you how to make the paper plate book of the days of the creation. For the craft you will need paper plates, markers, and a piece of yarn to connect the plates.

Telling The Creation Bible Story

In this video Cullen shows you how to tell the story of creation using hand motions and the days of creation craft.

For more great ideas visit Cullen’s abc’s. You can also check out our Bible lessons for children and our list of Bible craft ideas.


  1. patsy jones says

    i really have enjoyed getting my sunday school lessons the children really enjoy them.

  2. Maureen ollicierre says

    I love your web site. The stories,songs and craft ideas have taken my ministry to a greater level of presenting valuable bible material to young children.Thank You!.

  3. Sharon Hines-Stringer says

    Love the creation story. Just started to teach this to our children’s church and needed a craft. Thanks so much for your ministry!!

  4. Minister Z says

    Really awesome. Simple, fun, engaging, easy to remember. Great ideas about the kids could draw, glue on pictures they find in magazines/papers, or even use stickers. That means different age groups could really do this their way.

    I like the fact that it becomes a take home activity that lets parents/guardians know what was taught, but also even the kids themselves can be the teacher and tell the story.

    So beautiful.
    Great site. I’m excited about teaching this.

  5. Cherry says

    Great idea! Never had experience with teaching the Bible to little kiddos. Wonder to have something like that to kick start the whole thing. Thank you!! and thank God!

  6. Edwin G. says

    I am right in the middle of your creation lesson, and the kids are really loving it. Thanks so much for helping the childrens ministry. As we the leaders/teachers are in a battle of sorts with kids technology..i.e video games we need fun and very hands on things for our kids to do. And this just what I needed in my class. Thanks again and GOD BLESS!

  7. Vicki says

    THANK YOU!!!!! I will be teaching childrens’ church for the first time in January and was struggling for an activity that could be broken down to cover the whole month. The “Days of Creation” book is perfect! Thank you again.

  8. Miss Katie says

    Great Creation Story craft. The video is great, too. This is a one-stop shop for my next bible study lesson. Thanks so much. I love having the children make something that they can refer to and enjoy for months to come. This could very well be something they keep forever. I personally save these kinds of crafts for my son, and I hope other parents do the same.

  9. Anne T'assell says

    Thank you for your idea regarding the ‘Creation Story.’ I am hoping to get my Sunday School children to make the plates up after hearing the story too!.

    We have a small class aged 5yrs to 11yrs, but I guess everyone enjoys doing crafts!! Thank you again. Anne T’assell (New Zealand)

  10. Carol Maldonado says

    I love your paper plate of God’s creation. I teach 4&5 years old at church and I am not very crafty. Thanks for your ministry


  11. Stephanie says

    I would have probably told the little girl that Jesus is in her heart and when she talks to him He can hear her, but if she needs an answer she needs to be very still and very quiet and she will feel the answer inside, if he doesn’t answer right away keep praying about it and then sit quietly and wait, he will answer, but it may take some time.

    At least that is what I do ;)

  12. karen mccoy says

    We are truely blessed with the men/woman of God and you are a blessing! This is the 1st time I’ve used this site, and I think our Children’s Pastor will love it.

  13. sadia daniel says

    thanku 4 all the excllnt crafts. i saw a mothers day craft [i think here] i lovd that card. it was a hand print of a child and the poem 4 her mom. i need that poem 4 toddlrs 4 moms day plz help. thx.

  14. Myra says

    You are truly a gift to children’s ministry! Keep up the good work! God Bless you, Cullen’s ABC’s!!

  15. Roberta says

    You can tell her that, God can hear her and is always with her (them, us) He’s never gone and He’ll always be by our side. Even when we cant see Him. He’s still with us.

  16. marilyn says

    I thank God for ideas, and your creation idea was so good. My kindy class kids will so enjoy this activity and i’m sure it will be a lasting memory for them.
    I have encouraged them to talk to Jesus when ever they can and one child has made the coment that Jesus won’t come down from heaven to answer her. She is 4 years old so how do i explain His way of answering more clearly. Any ideas???????????

  17. Amanda says

    This saved me today! We’ve been talking about creation in Sunday School lately and I needed to come up with an activity/craft for this morning–perfect! Thank you.

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