“God Makes Beautiful Families” Coloring Page about Adoption

Adoption is a beautiful

Directions: Click on the preview image above to download this orphan care coloring page as a print friendly PDF file. We’ve also uploaded it as a higher resolution jpeg image for any advanced editing needs.

This picture shows a couple holding open arms as a young boy runs toward them. In the background is a puzzle. This is a symbol of how God brings all the different pieces together to make something more amazing than we can imagine.

This coloring page is part of a larger series of coloring pages about adoption. Each of them are ideal for explaining adoption to kids. All are 100% free to print out for use in home, school, or church. If you would like to share how you will use them, simply leave a comment on this post.


  1. says

    I really like this coloring page, I have quite a few families at my church that are foster families as well as a few families from adoption! I also like the puzzle pieces and think it would be a great tool to teach about special needs children with autism, as the puzzle pieces are the autism symbol. It is great to show that God made all families different and they are all made just right and perfect in His eyes!

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