Christian Adoption Coloring Book

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This free six page coloring book was designed to help kids talk about and understand the concept of adoption. It highlights the biblical themes behind Christian adoption and how God cares for all his children. Use the download link to get the whole project in one printable PDF file. You can also scroll down to see the individual adoption coloring pages.

free printable adoption coloring book pdf

Printable Adoption Coloring Book

Christian Coloring Pages Explaining Adoption

About these Adoption Coloring Pages

This page links our free 6 page coloring booklet about Christian adoption and orphan care. These pictures could be used to teach children at church or at home to understand the blessing of adoption.

Directions: To print the cover page, simply click on the preview above to download a printable PDF version. We’ve also uploaded a higher resolution jpeg for advanced editing. Then browse the additional coloring pages below.

Questions about Christian Adoption Coloring page

Questions about Christian Adoption: This coloring page will help kids think about their questions regarding adoption. It includes a blank area for them to write their own questions or ideas about adoption. This might be useful for explaining the meaning of adoption to children. The illustration shows a young mother thinking.

“God Gives an Answer” shows many of the hard questions that adoption answers. This page shows a mother and young boy reaching out toward one another but still separated. The illustration shows how God brings families together as a blessing to both parent and child.

Adoption is a blessing coloring page

“Adoption is a Blessing from God” Coloring Page: This illustration shows the special bond between a mother and her child.  The picture shows a mother holding her young adopted child. It reminds us that adoption is a special blessing from God.

Orphan Care coloring page

Giving for Orphan Care Coloring Page: This page should be considered an add-on to the coloring book because of it’s related theme. It helps kids to think about caring for poor children through cheerful giving. But those who adopt will remind you that their babies are no longer orphans at all. This is designed for talking about your families choice to sponsor a child.

adoption puzzle coloring page

“God Makes Beautiful Families” coloring page shows a couple holding out arms open to welcome their new son. In the background you see a large puzzle as a symbol of God bringing the pieces together. This sheets reminds us that God’s plans are often hidden and surprise us in a good way.

How will you use this Adoption Coloring Book?

We love to hear from readers who put our materials into use in their Sunday School or Family. Please leave a comment below to share how you will use this Christian adoption coloring book.

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