“Do Not Fear” Coloring Pages for Halloween

These printable Halloween coloring pages will remind children that God can overcome their fears. We wanted to create new material that featured a biblical rebuke to fear, such as Isaiah 43:5 that would help kids overcome fear. They were created by illustrator Mandy Groce.

Directions: To download these Halloween coloring sheets,  click the image previews to the left. They are available in a print friendly PDF (girl version | boy version). I’ve also uploaded the jpeg files if you want to do custom edit the artwork (girl-jpeg | boy-jpeg)

There are two versions of this coloring page about Halloween. One for boys and a second for girls. Each has the child surrounded by all the scary decorations related to Halloween. But surrounding them is this powerful Bible verses from Isaiah 43:5, “Fear not for I am with you.” This is one of the simple memory verses that every child needs to know.

This coloring page is perfect to pass out at a fall festival or church trunk or treat. You could even incorporate it with a Bible lesson about fighting fear. Some families might include this page with the candy they pass out at home on Halloween. Your feedback is welcome. Just leave a comment to let us know how you will use this free coloring pictures.

If you like these, you might also enjoy Mandy’s Armor of God coloring pages or her series of creation coloring pages.

We’ve heard from many readers who pass these out along with candy during this time of year. It’s not a full Gospel presentation, but it is a subtle way to point kids back to God and away from the spirit of fear.

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