“Do Not Fear” Coloring Pages for Halloween

These printable Halloween coloring pages will remind children that God can overcome their fears. We wanted to create new material that featured a biblical rebuke to fear, such as Isaiah 43:5 that would help kids overcome fear. They were created by illustrator Mandy Groce.

Directions: To download these Halloween coloring sheets,  click the image previews to the left. They are available in a print friendly PDF (girl version | boy version). I’ve also uploaded the jpeg files if you want to do custom edit the artwork (girl-jpeg | boy-jpeg)

There are two versions of this coloring page about Halloween. One for boys and a second for girls. Each has the child surrounded by all the scary decorations related to Halloween. But surrounding them is this powerful Bible verses from Isaiah 43:5, “Fear not for I am with you.” This is one of the simple memory verses that every child needs to know.

This coloring page is perfect to pass out at a fall festival or church trunk or treat. You could even incorporate it with a Bible lesson about fighting fear. Some families might include this page with the candy they pass out at home on Halloween. Your feedback is welcome. Just leave a comment to let us know how you will use this free coloring pictures.

If you like these, you might also enjoy Mandy’s Armor of God coloring pages or her series of creation coloring pages.

We’ve heard from many readers who pass these out along with candy during this time of year. It’s not a full Gospel presentation, but it is a subtle way to point kids back to God and away from the spirit of fear.

Don’t miss our popular Bible lesson “Fear Not” for Halloween.


  1. Terra says

    Amazing idea! Thank you so much! We’re using this at our
    Sunday school tomorrow and also handing it out at Halloween!

  2. gloria mensah says

    May God richly bless u for being a blessing to a whole generation.

  3. Rebecca Stewart says

    I am going to be in my front yard and in jeans and a straw hat. Candy and some Halloween “Christian” pamphlets…and be available with lots of goodies and a table with fake candles. I went hog wild against Halloween in the 70 and 80s when my kids were little and I can see where overall, I was wrong…I was in a strict charismatic church.

  4. Anya says

    Hello! Thank you for these coloring pages, I intend to use them with a big class during the French “All Saints Day” two-week holiday in a Sunday class.

  5. Jean Thompson says

    I will be using the coloring pages in class as I’ve had an 8 yo girl saying she’s afraid of zombies and the like. She won’t go into a room alone right now either. This should help her. Thank you.

  6. Olivia says

    Praise God for your “Fear Not” colouring sheets…. They are truly a God-send!! I was just speaking with my 8 year old about this very topic as he is fearful of halloween. Thank you so much! Keep up the wonderful work!! :-) May God bless, protect, guide and enlighten you and your ministry always.

  7. Sherri says

    Thank you for the colouring pages. I would just make one suggestion for improvements… that the verse reference be on it as well :)
    I’m hoping the kids in SSchool will love it. Thanks!

  8. Gail Hargrove says

    Our Lutheran church started out doing Trunk or Treat, but with bad weather moved it to the basement, where it is decorated with little lights and jack-o-lanterns and some scary things for the children to walk through. Each family has a table to decorate as they wish. We turn off all overhead lights except bathroom areas and the kitchen area where we have hotdogs, chips and juice. That is the area our pastor stands and visits with all who come in. We thank everyone for stopping by and making our Halloween so much happier. I should mention, most of us adults also dress and have a good time. I love the color sheets and I will be purchasing small packs of crayons to pass out as the families leave for the kids to take home.

  9. Costa Chiangwa says

    Thank you. Its a blessing to put a smile on child`s face. Be blesssed.

  10. says

    thank you for the creative coloring book pages. We have a Family Friday Fun Night at our Lutheran Church. I will give them to the children at a coloring and water color painting table. I know they will love them. I do already!

  11. Michele Mohrmann says

    I thank God, Mandy, for your creative spirit and I thank you for your willingness to share with all those who wish to print your beautiful art work! I have a Barnabas ministry through which I offer encoragement to my children and grandchildren, and when I write them letters I like to enclose a litle project for them to do. Your pictures are perfect for coloring and offer a Word of Wisdom to young readers. Thank you! And God bless you!

  12. nancy says

    i plan to make and laminate wallet size “boy” pix to hand out at our non profit thrift store & food bank;adding isaiah 43:5 to his shirt area. nancy @ proclaimiing grace ministries

  13. Christine says

    I like to show my children the Veggie Tales “Where is God When I’m Scared”. Then I teach them the song from the video “God Is Bigger Than The Boogie Man.” I have also made little white poster board signs that say “God made my costume. Do you like it?’ Punch two holes in the sign and thread yarn through to make a necklace for each child, parents love it.

  14. Alicia robinson says

    I will be using this today for ss class. I have mostly little ones and I thought about the fear kids have during is time. I love the verse, it eas actually the on I was thinking about.

  15. Karla Simental says

    I am a Sunday School teacher and I wanted to thank you very much for your free coloring pages. My kids and I really enjoy all of the coloring pages with the lessons that I teach. Keep up the GOOD work!!!
    God Bless!

  16. Martha Gerhart says

    Thank you for these great coloring pages. I’m going to hand them out to my kids at AWANA tomorrow night. I’m planning on using “Fear Not” lesson during our Bible Council time and the kids are going to love these coloring pages.

  17. Carol Boyer says

    A special thank you to Mandy for all of the coloring pages she makes available to children. We use them many times, for Sunday school, nursery and Kidz Klub.
    I love the halloween coloring pages – they will be used for our Kidz Klub ministry on Wednesday – I will also pass the word along to our leaders to give them out for halloween to children who might come knocking on their door trick-or-treating!
    Keep up the good work! You are appreciated!

  18. samone says

    Thanks for the color pages. We will use them in our kids church. Thanks for putting them in jpeg so that I could work with them and make them age appropriate.

  19. Treasure says

    I love it .It is very useful for kids who fear devils .
    This Ministry-to-Children.com link is great .
    It really helps my teaching .
    Thank you .

  20. Kendra says

    Love these! Was looking for something creative to give out on “All Hallowed’s Eve” ~ am thoroughly convicted that we, as believers, should not be locking ourselves behind closed doors, missing an awesome opportunity to witness to an hurting world. May we strive to be a bright light in this dark world! Thanks, Mandy, for offering your gifts to help us do just that :)…

  21. Billy says

    Thanks Mandy Groce!
    I am planning to use it at tomorrow Sunday school–one day ahead of Halloween.

    San Jose, CA

  22. Cynthia Vincent says

    I teach Sunday school with ages 5-17 in one classroom. These coloring pages will be distributed to the younger children during our discussion on why Christians can participate in Halloween. The older youth will be labeling tracts to distribute on Halloween.

    Thank you again for having these resources available to those of us less artistically inclined!
    In His name – Cynthia Vincent


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