Fall Sunday School Decorations (or Kids Church)

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If you want kids to show up for your children’s ministry with excitement, rather than seeing them pushed down the sidewalk to your room, you will have to keep it interesting. No matter how much your kids love you (and they do) they get bored with sitting and learning in the same old surroundings. As the weather changes it becomes difficult to take your class or church outdoors for an old-fashioned outdoor tent church or the play yard. You will need to rely on cool fall decorations for children’s ministry to get kids excited again. Try these easy, low cost Sunday School decorations on a greeting table, in a window or anywhere that kids can enjoy it without knocking it over.
Scarecrow Centerpiece
Make up your own scarecrow and prop him up on a table or in a mini rocker. Stuff some kids’ clothes with hay and tie the ends off with rubber bands. Leave some straw hanging out of his pants and shirts. Use a Styrofoam ball covered with fabric for his head. Paint or draw on a friendly face. Scatter fall leaves around the scarecrow for pretty decorations. Alternatively, make standing scarecrow cut for kids to take their pictures in. Decorate a large refrigerator style box with a fall scene and a scarecrow minus the face. Snap photos of kids standing behind this fun decoration. You could hang a sign or banner that says, “Don’t Be Scared of Kids Church.”
Turkey Themes
Turkeys are a beloved character often used in fall decorations. Buy a battery operated turkey that dances or says funny sayings. Place him a turkey platter and put a small wooden sign in his hand that says, “Don’t Be A Turkey… Come to Sunday School!” For a craft one afternoon in kids’ church, have kids make handprint turkeys from construction paper. Cut them out and have each child put his name on one of the fingers. When kids are a way from class, take a few minutes to write the chapter and verse for a scripture on each one. Surprise kids by asking them to look up the scripture found on their hand. Then they could look up the scripture on their best friend’s hand.
Celebrate with fall grape theme by making a grape themed bulletin board. Cover the board with brown paper and cut out large purple circles. Attach some real grapevine, like the kind you find at a craft store, to the top of the bulletin board. Hole punch the purple circles and attach the circles to the grapevine with green or brown yarn. Place each child’s name on the purple grapes for a fun decoration. You might put, “We’ve Been Grafted In” or “We Are His Fruit” below the grapevine.

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