Children’s Bible Lesson: Jesus is the Light

This is a Bible lesson about how Jesus is the Light of the world.  The children will learn where the Light is darkness will flee.  The lesson is followed by a craft activity in which the children will make their own light switch cover for their bedroom at home. You could use this lesson and craft in children’s Sunday School or Kids Church. Based on the scripture in John 8:12 where Jesus says, “”I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Optional: You can download our free coloring page about being the light of the world from Matthew 5:14

Bible Passage: John 3:16-21, John 8:12
Bible Story Title: Jesus is the Light
Target Age Group: 1st – 5th graders
Target Time Frame:30 minutes
Original Teaching Context: Children’s Church or Sunday School
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Learning Objective: The children will learn that Jesus is the Light of the world and true believers will no longer want to walk in darkness and sin.

Materials Needed: Paper template for light switch cover, markers, crayons, colored pencils, and scissors


  1. “When you walk into a room with no windows and the lights are turned off can you see anything?  No because it is dark!”
  2. “What happens if you turn on the light switch?  It is all light in the room and the darkness goes away.”
  3. Tip:  Depending on the age of your children and the number of windows in your classroom, you may want to actually turn the lights off and then back on so the children can experience this first hand as you discuss it.


  1. “We are going to read a familiar Bible passage together about darkness and light.  Maybe some of you could even recite part of it from memory.  The passage is John 3:16-21.  You may have heard John 3:16-17, but today we are going to focus on verses 19-21.”
  2. Read aloud John 3:16-21.



  1. “Would someone be able to give me a summary, which is a short version, of verses 16-18?”  This may need to be an older child who is familiar with the passage and can synthesize its meaning correctly.
  2. “Verses 16-18 can be summarized like this: God loved us, so He sent Jesus to die in our place.  If we believe in Jesus and are born again, we will have everlasting life.  Jesus came to save us from sin and death by dying on the cross in our place.”
  3. “Now let’s reread verses 19-21 slowly.” Reread these verses again out loud.
  4. “Who is the light in these verses?  Jesus is the Light.  In John 8:12, Jesus says, ‘I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’  So Jesus is the Light!”
  5. “What is the darkness that people love instead of Jesus?  Their sin.”
  6. “Let’s read verse 20 again.” Read verse 20 aloud.
  7. “When people like to sin and do bad things, they do not want to be near Jesus and be in the light. When they sin, if they come near Jesus they will see how bad their sin is.  People who like to sin do not want it pointed out that their sin is bad.”
  8. “Think of this: have you ever taken an extra cookie or piece of candy when you were told not to?  That would be stealing, which is a sin and you were also disobeying.  Yet you probably liked taking the extra cookie because you wanted it.  Now think back again: did you get caught when you stole the extra cookie or piece of candy?  When you got caught in your sin, you did not like that.  People who are not followers of Jesus like to sin until they get caught.  They like to live in the darkness.”
  9. “But if you are a follower of Jesus and you believe in what He did for us on the cross, then you will not like to live in darkness and sin.” Read verse 21.
  10. “If we are a believer, then we hate our sin and we want to stay in the light close to Jesus.”


  1. “At the beginning of our lesson, when I turned the lights off what could you see?  Nothing because it was dark!”
  2. “What happened when I turned on the light switch?  It was all light in the room and the darkness went away.”
  3. “This is how it is with Jesus because He is the Light.  When we are followers of Jesus and we walk with Him we want to stay far away from darkness.  Yes, we will still sin, but we will no longer want to sin.  We hate the darkness of sin and love the light of Jesus!”
  4. “You are now going to decorate a light switch cover which you can tape onto the light switch in your room at home.  Every time you turn on the light in your bedroom you will see the darkness disappear.  You will remember that Jesus is the Light.”

Light Switch Cover Craft:

The template for this craft can easily be made by the teacher at home.

  1. Measure the dimensions of a single switch light switch cover in your home.  Draw a rectangle of the same dimensions on a piece of blank white paper.
  2. Draw a smaller rectangle in the center that will be cut out by the children to fit over the actual switch.
  3. Trace over the two rectangles with a black marker.  Make enough copies of the template for one per child.
  4. Following the lesson, the children will decorate their template.  They can draw on it or write the reference John 8:12.
  5. When finished decorating they will cut out the template and cut out the rectangular hole for the switch.
  6. When the child gets home, they can tape their paper cover over the light switch cover they already have in their bedroom.

Need More Ideas: Browse our growing collecting of Sunday School Coloring Pages or check out our tips for teaching Sunday School. For preschoolers you might sing “The little light of mine.”


  1. Gloria Steptoe says

    I like this lesson, it will go perfectly with my culmination activity for children’s church. I have introduced the lesson by using John 8:12 where Jesus says “I am the light of the world”. I used glow bracelets and allowed the children to put them on. I asked them what did they notice about them. I took them into a dark room and all I could hear was ooos and ahhhs as they looked at the glow bracelets. I told them that even in the dark no matter how small your light is, it can show through the darkness. I told tham that our light leads people to God’s light. The glow bracelets helped us to see a little in the dark, but when I turned on the light we could easily see. That light represented God’s light. Our culmination activity will be a Blacklight puppet show. The children will sing allong with “This Little Light of Mine”. I got the music and song from youtube. The puppets will tell them, that Jesus is the light, and just light the glow bracelets were small they showed light. We must be light the glow bracelets an let our light shine. Then they will sing along with the puppet.

  2. Eileen says

    Thank you for the lessons it will be a help to the children ministry at our church, God bless you in the name of Jesus. Eileen

  3. Diane Hurst says

    I plan lessoons for and schedule workers for children’s church at my church. I am excited and appreciate youor lesson plans I have found. They are great!

  4. Catherine Parker says

    June-10-14. Good morning I was searching for bible lessons for my kids to do over the summer & praise God I found your site.Thank you for obeying God & putting the site up to help parents like me.I also work in children’s ministries @ my church & will use your lesson plans examples.Again continue allowing God to use you stay encourage in our Lord Jesus Christ for he is able to do exceedingly & abundantly.

  5. rosemarie rowe says

    thank you so much for this very important lesson its my first time to deliver a class and its made me feel so excited to do it an answered prayer god bless

  6. bernadette says

    Thank you. you are doing a great job. You’ll be amazed at the number of children ministers you are helping out with the resources here. Thanks again. May God bless you abundantly.

  7. Sue Heindel says

    Hi, I just found this site. I am involved with our Faith Promise (missiions comittee) and doing a lesson plan for the kiddos during our Sat missions presentation. Our theme is “Go Light your world” Found this first try on google. We are also doing the sky lanterns since it will be at night. Thank you so much for this lesson plan. Blessings to you.

  8. veronica says

    This is great, there’s great stuff Here, I was looking for Sunday ScHool lesson and now I have soo Much to choose from . Thank you, God Bless.

  9. Courtney says

    The snack we used for this lesson is cupcake flashlights. Cupcakes were baked in the flat bottom cake cone, then the kids decorated them with yellow icing and yellow sprinkles. They looked like little flashlights.

  10. Tamara says

    I really had fun with this lesson. I found heart glow in the dark shapes. I placed them in a darker room and showed the kids them. They had fun finding them. We also made light switch covers from design paper I had. The kids had fun with that and placed the glow in the dark hearts on the light plate covers. This way when they wake up they will remember they are the Light for Jesus. Also ended with light and dark cookies.

  11. Aaron says

    thanks, you have really helped, I’m 12 and I have to do ‘creative word’ for our kids church. God bless

  12. Karen says

    For our church Fall festival, we are having booths based on heroes of the Bible. My booth hero is Jesus and the theme is “Find the Light of the World”. We put glow sticks (with “Jesus” lamination attached)in shredded paper (straw) in a dark tent with black lights. The kids find the light of the world and get a prize. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack game. Prizes will be glow in the dark bracelets and some candy with John 8:12 label on the bag to keep it closed. You could do a scaled down version and use storage boxes in your classroom and let the kids do it as part of their lesson. At the beginning, the kids will be told that they have to find the light in the darkness and when they exit, they will follow the bright lights to the prize table. The person giving away the prizes will ask the kids if they found the light of the world and who is the light of the world. I am using a transparancy that can be held in front of the glow stick and it becomes brighter. Glow sticks are cheap and the shredded paper is free.

  13. Peggy Gregory says

    Hi, I am always looking for ideas and find many great ones here. For the light switch cover, I loved the idea but wanted the kids to take the Memory Verse with them as well as the reference. I got the dimensions measured for the light switch plate as you said and cut it out. Then I typed the Memory verse and reference with three lines on top, a large space and then two lines with the reference below. I printed out the Memory verse and and laid the light switch template on top to make sure it it fit. I had to go back and adjust the words so that the whole Memory verse fit inside the light switch template. When it fit, I printed the verses our on a heavier card stock. Then I laid the light switch template over the verses, traced the outside and the center. Then I cut a light switch cover out and gave each child one to take home and tape over their light switch like you suggested. Now when they turn on or off the light they see the Memory verse not just the decorated cover with just the reference which they probably forgot what it was after getting home. Thank you for all you do.

  14. Marion says


  15. Jenny says

    We’re doing lessons from some of the same Scripture passages…. For “Light of the world,” I thought about cookies which were half chocolate (darkness) & half vanilla (light). Haven’t found a recipe, yet, but I guess frosting could be used to get the 2 colors. Would like to find something which isn’t sweet, but haven’t yet.

    What are you using for the “Good Shepherd”? I am thinking about some sort of “sheep” snack, but haven’t decided what to use for that, yet, either.

    Thanks for your help!


  16. Margaret says

    Do you have a snack that you can share that illustrates John 8:12, I am the light of the world,…” I am doing the snacks and trying to have snacks that reinforce the memory verses each day. Other verses that I have snacks for are John 10:11, I am the good shepherd and John6:35 I am the bread of life. If you have snacks for these also I would welcome your input.
    Thanks for all you are doing.

  17. Martha Didot says

    I am very excited to have found your website as an aide in teaching kids from age 10-13. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.

  18. Amy Shields says

    I have been using to teach “chapel” once a week at our church’s preschool to 3-4 year olds. I have already used the “Jesus Knows Me” lessons. The children loved them! They know who the sheep are and the Good Shepherd that leads them! Thanks so much for all the effort that has been put into these plans! No matter how complicated or easy the lesson plans seem, the 3-4 year olds really seem to get a lot out of it! Thanks for resources that build God’s Kingdom!

  19. Sandy Glover says

    I am trying to find a lesson on Luke 11: 5-8. About the persistant neighbor wanting bread for his unexpected guest. three times he ask for help from the neighbor. I think Jesus is telling the story for us to be persistant and precise in our request in prayer. But I can’t find a lesson even similar to this one. Do you have anything/

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