Children’s Pastor Job Description

Sample Job Description for Children's Minister

Do you need a sample job description for a children’s minister? Then check out our basic template below.  It is easily customizable for your church or situation. For example, you might include more specific duties and lines of accountability.

Please leave a comment below to share your own ideas for making it even better.

Position:  Children’s Pastor

– Born again Christian who feels a call by God into ministry
– Love for children and families
– Strong organizational and leadership skills
– Ability to build and lead volunteer teams

–  Oversee all programming and ministry for children ages birth – 5th grade, including Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, summer programming, special events, etc…
–  Choose and prepare curriculum for each program and each age level.
–  Create environments, activities and programming for each age group that will facilitate learning and encourage spiritual growth.
–  Recruit, train, schedule and lead teams of volunteers.
–  Provide care for children and families within the church including hospital visits and follow-up.
–   Maintain a strategy for reaching and assimilating new children and families.
–   Plan and oversee special events such as VBS, Fall Festival, Baby Dedications, etc…


  1. james says

    full tim pastor is full time.. part time pastor is bi-vocational meaning that he has a job plus pastors

  2. says

    Thanks for the outline!

    How would you differentiate the job description between a full time pastor and a part time pastor?

  3. Susan says

    These are all good basic things, and of course responsibilities will differ from church to church. But I would be sure to include other “general” staff member responsibilities which frequently apply: budgeting, staff meetings, hospital visitation, calendaring, serving as pastor-on-call on weekends, etc.

  4. Tracey Robinson says

    Thank you for the sample description. It is very helpful!

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