Kids Ministry Blog Madness 2012 (1st round)

Blog Madness GraphicEach March, our website hosts a tournament of children’s ministry bloggers. It starts with a field of 68 and then we let the readers decide who will advances to the next round.

>> Round #2 has started. Click here to see who advanced and vote for your favorites now.

Browse the field below, visit a few new blogs, and vote for your favorites. You can also leave a comment below to heckle the selection committee or lobby for your favorite blog. Hardcore fans can revisit last year’s tournament & results at this link.

This is all just for fun, but there might be a prize. The official announce will come in the second round. This round will close on Sunday March 18th and the top four blogs in each bracket will advance.

Midwest Regional

  1. Children’s Ministry Online
  2. Justyn Smith
  3. Kidmin1124
  4. About the Children’s Dept
  5. Kid Inspiration
  6. CM Buzz
  7. Michael Chanley
  8. Growing Kids Ministry
  9. Jenny Funderburke
  10. Children’s Ministry Magazine Blog
  11. Ryan Frank
  12. iTODD
  13. Kid Trek
  14. Effective Childrens Ministry
  15. Apparently Blogging
  16. CTA Christian Resources
  17. Kidmin and Culture
  18. Coffee With Dad

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West Regional

  1. sam luce
  2. Orange Leaders
  3. Roger Fields
  4. Commander Bill’s Blog
  5. Go Fish Guy
  6. Cullen’s Abc’s
  7. What’s In the Bible
  8. SojournKids
  9. JC is ONLINE
  10. Brick by Brick
  11. Help! I’m a Children’s Pastor
  12. Revival Fire For Kids Blog
  13. Dustin Nickerson
  14. Works of God Displayed
  15. Divorce Ministry 4 Kids
  16. Impulsive Joy
  17. Jason Martin
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East Regional

  1. Jim Wideman
  3. Lemon Lime Kids
  4. Dad In The Middle
  6. Matt McKee Live
  7. Kids Ministry 101
  8. Blog
  9. Scripture Lady
  10. Building Faith
  11. Cory Center
  12. JamieDoyle(dot)com
  14. Relevant Children’s Ministry
  15. Simply Jeff
  16. Diving for Pearls
  17. Jeremy Mavis

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South Regional

  2. Smalltownkidmin Blog
  3. Inside Northpoint Kids
  5. The Inclusive Church
  6. CentriKid Camps Blog
  7. The Thursday Blog
  8. Dan Scott
  9. Dick Gruber
  10. West Coast CM
  11. Children’s Minister BLOG
  12. Rags Studio
  15. A Heart After Children
  16. Church4EveryChild
  17. The Fake Kidmin

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How Did Selection Work?

I began with our top 100 children’s ministry blogs. I began to eliminate bloggers who were too dormant (nothing new to say in 2012) and those with malware warnings (yes there were two new hacked sites). For the remaining blogs, I looked at last year’s performance in blog madness. Then I attempted to divide the list into regions that would maximize competition. It’s not perfect, but it should be fun.


  1. says

    Love voting for all of you guys. So many good ones to choose from that it’s hard to choose! Keep it up!

  2. says

    Love the fun – I actually look forward to this more than the actual March Madness! I certainly follow more kidmin blogs than college basketball teams.

  3. says

    What a great list of “good reads!” Thanks so much for including my blog in the tournament. Hope everyone is enjoying March!

  4. says

    Thanks for all the work you put into this & for including KidMin360 in the mix. We’re hoping to ride Jim’s coattails into the next round!
    Thanks to all the other bloggers on here too – this represents an awful lot of Orkney by an awful lot of great people.
    Blessings everyone!

  5. says

    Thanks so much for including me. It’s an honor to be listed with all of these great blogs who I have learned lots from. :) Thanks for all you do!

  6. says

    Tony-thanks so much for including me and all myinfusers and Timothy’s. It’s an honor to be listed here.
    Thanks for still including me!

  7. says

    In the rarefied atmosphere represented by these blogs, I have learned, been inspired, and been motivated. Not only that, I always end up “discovering” one or two more that I had never read before. Thanks, Tony, for doing this (and the “top 100″ list) each year.

  8. says

    Is it only counting one per ip address? All my staff mates tried to vote and they are getting “your vote has already been counted”.

  9. says

    Thanks for doing this again Tony. I had a great time last year battling Pastor Jared! I know Free CM Stuff is now archived, but I’d love for your folks to check out my new endeavor, It’s geared more toward theological implications in legacy development and family ministry – much more Christo-centric than my last site.

  10. says

    Heckle, Heckle…. :)

    Guess I missed the cut off again this year, perhaps the name change earlier this year cost me….or maybe I’m in the wrong league.

    • says

      Thanks to a large anonymous donation of Gevalia coffee, we’ve added an 18th seed to the MidWest region. Play on…

      • says

        Thanks, Tony!

        I’m a Caribou man myself, but I’ll take what I can get :)
        Now I just need to make sure I have a respectable showing or I might get dropped down to the farm teams :)

  11. says

    Fortunately, my blog no longer has the “malware” warning and made it into the tournament. Hopefully that won’t ever happen again… sheesh!

  12. says

    Yeah! Looks like some great blogs this year. I haven’t heard of a few — time to go exploring! What’s up with the prize, man? Last year, and an Ipad2, this year “might” be a prize? Oh gee. :)

    Thanks for putting it together!!