Measuring Noah’s Ark Object Lesson

Tony recently posted a Sunday School Lesson about the Flood using the Big Picture Story Bible.  We all know that despite the horror of the reasons behind God’s flooding of the entire Earth, “Noah’s Ark” remains a dear story for children.  Most every children’s story Bible, board book Bible, etc. discusses Noah’s Ark.

Have you ever thought about “bringing to life” the story of Noah’s Ark?  I am not talking about getting one pair of every animal (seven pairs of every clean animal).  No, that would be a bit difficult.  What I am talking about is measuring the ark itself with the children.  Before you do this though, you might want to measure it out yourself.

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Surprised by Size

This is how you are to make it: the length of the ark 300 cubits, its breadth 50 cubits, and its height 30 cubits.Genesis 7:15 (ESV)

A cubit is roughly 18 inches.  To make these numbers make sense to us today Noah’s ark is 450 ft. (137.16 m) long, 75 ft. (22.86 m) wide, and 45 ft. (13.716 m) tall. So, I went out to our parking lot here at my church thinking I would have plenty of room–we have room for 150 vehicles.  Turns out, the length of our parking lot was roughly half of the length of the ark.  The width was not much of a problem, but was still surprising.  The height proved to be a challenge to measure, but still at 45 feet, it can be seen.

Measuring the Ark

Take your children to the park on a Wednesday or Sunday evening where you have plenty of space–you will need at least a city block of wide-open space.  Ask them about Noah’s Ark and if they ever thought about how big it was.  Allow them to compare the ark to other things and then measure it out for them.  Start with one child holding the measuring tape and instruct him/her to stay there.  Then begin measuring out the length.  When you get to 450 feet have a child stand there and not move.

Next, move to about roughly the middle point of 225 feet, you could post a child there when you reach that point.  Measure 37 1/2 feet in either direction and post children at each point.  Now, you have the basic “layout” of the ark.

You and your children will always remember how huge the ark was.  Next time they read that story in the Bible, they will think back to that moment when they measured the ark and was amazed by its size.


  1. Valerie says

    Our kids group made up of 4-7 year olds measured the ark in a different way. I measured how many lengths of the gym equaled the length of the ark beforehand. Then I had the children run across the gym that many times. We called out the names of imaginary animals along the way. Then we did the same for the width of the ark.I told them if they were tired they could stop and watch. Very few stopped. They had a blast. Once in a while I stopped and asked them if they thought we had run far enough to reach the other side of the ark yet. The kids and the leaders couldn’t believe how many times we had to run across the gym.

  2. Missy says

    My 5th and 6th grade religion class just measured Noah’s ark on the sidewalk in front of our school. We measured and cut 15 pieces of 30′ long curling ribbon, and the children spread out and held the ribbons end-to-end. The remaining kids held poster board signs explaining our project — one said, “Honk if God floats your boat!”. Our school is in an urban area on a busy street, so it was fun to share the illustration as well as answer the questions of passers-by and shop owners who were curious. Because they were having fun, the kids weren’t at all shy about sharing their scriptural knowledge!

  3. says

    Dear Louise,
    You might find a picture you can use at this website
    We saw Rod Walsh, from Creation magazine, in England last year, and he tours around with models of the ark. Brilliant. He has resource packs which include cardboard models – really good stuff. The audience had lots of families the night we saw him, and we bought things for our grandchildren.
    Also, a man in Holland has built an actual size replica of the Ark which is seaworthy. Not sure if this is finished yet.
    Best regards and God bless,
    Pat Franklin in England
    PS I just found the ministry to children website today and am loving it! Brilliant.

  4. Louise says

    We meaured the ark 4 years ago on the school grounds and the impact was huge. Also made a scale model 1:100 to fit plastic animals in. I am still struggling to find a proper coloring picture showing the correct scale drawing of the ark. Depresses me to see so many bathtub-like drawings and the fact that I’m not gifted in drawing. Please help.

  5. Cindy says

    Thankyou for sharing how to measure the ark idea with kids. I found the measurements in Genesis 6:15, not in Genesis 7:15 as noted on your site.

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