“Minute to Win It” Game Ideas for Kids

Minute To Win It Games for kids

Do you need an icebreaker of sorts for your next children’s event?  Minute To Win It games are great ways to begin an event, engage a crowd of children, and ramp up excitement.  All of the games are played with easily accessible household items, so they are easy to prepare and of no cost to your ministry.

NBC provides a list of Minute To Win It games on their website.  The following games are adaptations for children to play at home or in children’s church.  Each game listed here provides a challenge for kids, but should be within their realm of development and skill, particularly for grades third through sixth.  You may want to adapt as necessary for younger children.

If you play one of these games, you want the child to be successful.  You also want the crowd to heap encouragement on the player, so lead the students likewise.  If you sense a child is not going to make it in the designated time period, help them out.  More challenging games can be interspersed for adults to win or lose (the sillier the better).  Have “Thank you for playing prizes” as rewards (whether they win or lose).  Have fun!  “You’ve got 60 seconds!”

Minute To Win It Games for Kids

Bucket Head:  Catch three balls in a bucket on top of your head.

Defying Gravity:  Keep two balloons in the air.

Breakfast Scramble:  Assemble the front of a cereal box that has been cut into eight pieces.

Dizzy Mummy:  Unroll a small roll of toilet paper with 360 degree spins of the arm.  (You may need to unravel some first to make it an attainable task.)

Elephant March:  Knock over bottles using a baseball bat hanging from panty hose worn on the head.

Tissue Toss:  Using both hands, empty a tissue box.

Play it By Ear:  Place five cans with varying quantities of pennies in the correct order.  (With a sharpie, place the numbers on the bottom.)

Separation Anxiety:  Separate a pile of 25 multicolored chocolate candies into five separate containers in a set color order.

Candelier:   Stack four layers of cans, with paper plates in between.

Tweeze Me:  Players use tweezers to relocate five Tic Tacs from one bowl to another.

Have you utilized Minute To Win It games in your ministry?  If so, what are some of your favorites for kids? Click here to leave a comment and share your ideas.

For more game ideas like this, check out the Minute To Win It games on Growing Kids Ministry and Effective Children’s Ministry.


  1. Jeff says

    Thanks for the help with ideas. We had one that that was a little different and lesson specific. I was teaching on David and Saul in the cave. The kids had a minute to crawl under a table and remove a dog-collar-bell that was tied to a string between two chairs withought making any sound. If they thought to hold the clapper, I gave it to them for thinking well.

  2. Andrea Johnston says

    I’m having a Minute to Win it bday party for my 6 year old son. He has 23 boys coming! How do you play the game with a larger group, such as your church groups? I appreciate suggestions.

  3. Julie says

    Thanks for this site!! We are hosting a Minute to Win It class at our homeschool co-op for 4 weeks. The kids are sure to love this class!! Thanks for posting the top games for kids! And I love that everyone put in their favorites too.

  4. Helene Love says

    The cookie game is a big hit and the faces are amazing to watch. We do it as a race. The first one to eat their cookie wins.

  5. abby says

    just found your web-site while looking for games for one of our monthy childrens activities at our church. can’t wait to see what what else is in store. Thank You!

    Northport Baptist Church
    Newport, Tn

  6. Isaac says

    Thank you so much for picking out some of the great Minute to Win It games for kids! We used these during a 3rd and 4th grade lock-in.

  7. Jessica says

    We have had fun with the minute to win it games. The best part is that they can be played by all ages and are a great way to bring on the laughs. One of our favorites was Junk in the Trunk where ping pong balls must be expelled from a tissue box that is strapped to the players waist by twisting turning and jumping! It had the kids in giggles to watch the adults try the games. Another great one that made them all laugh was the one where they had a pedometer put on their arms and legs and they had to make it reach a large number…. funny!

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