Give Me A Clean Heart: Psalm 51 Bible Lesson

Here is a Bible lesson for children based on Psalm 51 where David asks God to give him a clean heart. The focus is to help the children be aware and mindful of their sinful heart so they see their need for Jesus.  It can be followed up by any craft activity involving a heart to remind them of how Jesus can give them a clean heart. It could be used in Sunday School or in a small children’s church setting.

Bible Passage: Psalm 51
Bible Story Title: Give Me a Clean Heart
Target Age Group: K-6th graders
Target Time Frame:20 minutes
Original Teaching Context: Children’s Church or Sunday School
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Learning Objective: The children will reflect upon the sinfulness of their heart and how Jesus can give them a clean heart.

Target Age: K-5th

Time Needed: 20 minutes (without using a craft activity at the end)

Materials Needed: Marker board or poster board to draw a large heart. You might look for extra heart-themed craft activity if you need a longer lesson.


  1. Draw a large heart on the board.
  2. Ask the children, “What do you think of when you see a heart like this one?”
  3. Spend time receiving answers and brainstorming with the children.
  4. Ask the children, “What do you think God thinks about when He sees your heart?”


  1. Today we will look at what the Bible says about our heart in Psalm 51.
  2. Open your Bible to Psalm 51 and I will read the first fifteen verses out loud.
  3. Read aloud the passage while the children follow along.


  1. “First, let’s look at verses one through six.  These verses talk about sin a lot.  We see the words transgressions, iniquity, sin and evil.”  Point out where each of these words is used to demonstrate to the children how important the subject of sin is in this passage.
  2. “What are some sins that a child could commit?”  Take suggestions and ideas from the children and write a list on the board.
  3. “Think to yourself, ‘Have I ever committed one or more of these sins?’”
  4. “Our hearts are full of sin!”
  5. “Now look at verses 7-10.”  Read aloud these verses.
  6. “How can we have a clean heart that is washed clean of its sin?”
  7. “If we repent by admitting and turning away from our sins, trust in Jesus’ dying on the cross to wash our sins away and then our heart can be clean.”
  8. Read aloud Psalm 51:13-15.
  9. “In this psalm, David is so happy to have his heart washed clean of his sin that he bursts into praise to God.”
  10. “A person with a clean heart cannot help but praise the Lord for their salvation.”
  11. “If you have repented and trusted in Christ for a clean heart is your heart thankful?  Does your heart overflow with praise to God?”


  1. “Let’s go back to one of my first questions.  What does God see when He looks at your heart?  Does He see a heart full of sin or a heart which has been washed clean?”
  2. “Psalm 51 teaches us three things: to think about our sinful heart, to see how we need Jesus to wash our hearts clean, and, if our hearts have been washed clean, to have a thankful heart full of praise.”
  3. “How is your heart today?  Is it full of sin or full of praise?”

Closing: Lead the children in prayer asking God to you and the kids a clean heart.

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  1. Janet says

    I am having such an awesome time with these lessons.
    I love the lay out. I actually laern as well as I use these lessons for my kids. Thanks you so much for Godly wisdom.

  2. jui says

    I’m new to this site, but appreciate the ideas. the one object lesson that I’ve used with the kids is to cut out pieces of paper in hear shapes and have them write or draw pictures of sin and/or temptation in their own lives using crayola washable markers.. Then I would write Jesus in a red non-washable/permanent marker (I used a scrapbooking pen that does not bleed) on top of their hearts. I tacked them to a painting easel and then had them use a paint brush and water to show how Jesus washes away their sins. The drawings/words they wrote wash away, but Jesus remains on the paper heart.

    This object lesson was visual and interactive and seemed to hit home with several of the kids.

    Hope it helps.

  3. Silibaziso Dube says

    This is wonderful guys you have no idea how helpful this is to me as a sunday schoo teacher. thank you

  4. Sheila Yeboah says

    The lesson was well prepared and I think it will help the children understand what the Psalmist is saying. However, this is what I have come up with. I hope it will also help. Thank you.


    MAIN TEXT: Psalm 51

    SUPPORTIVE TEXT: 2 Samuel 7; 11 & 12

    MEMORY VERSE: 1 John 1: 9

    OBJECTIVE: The saved child will respond properly to his sin by claiming the promise of 1John 1:9

    CHILD RATED TRUTH: God will forgive your sins when you confess them to Him.

    I. INTRODUCTION Have you ever done wrong and tried to cover up? How did you feel? Perhaps later you admitted what you had done may be someone found out and they forgave you. How did you feel then? David had all of these feelings because he sinned and tried to cover it up.


    1. David, King of Israel, believed in God and loved Him (2Samuel 7:22 – 29)

    2. Even though David belonged to God, there was a time when he committed a terrible sin.
    (2 Samuel 11)

    3. David tried to deal with his sin by covering it up instead of confessing it to God so he could be forgiven. (2 Samuel 11: 6 – 7)

    4. David was very miserable for a long time. (Ps 51:1,8,12)

    5. God sent a preacher named Nathan to lovingly help David deal with his sin the right way.
    (2 Samuel 12)

    6. David listened to Nathan and admitted his sin. (Ps. 51: 1 – 4)


    God prayed, confessing his sin and asking God to forgive him. (Ps. 51: 5 – 17)


    A. Conclusion

    1. David not only wanted God to forgive him his sin, be wanted God to change him so that he
    wouldn’t do the same thing again. (Ps.51:10)
    2. When God forgive him, David described it as having his heart washed clean and made white
    once again. (Ps 51: 2,7,10)
    3. David head peace and joy again, and he praised God. (Ps. 51:15)

    B. Invitation (Unsaved)

    You cannot have true peace inside until you have realized that you are a sinner and that you need the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour from sin. God hates sin even more than we do. God hates sin so much that he sent His own perfect Son to die on a cross to destroy sin (1John 3;8b). Jesus gave His precious blood for you and for me and for everyone (Romans5:8). Jesus came back to life again, and he is alive today. He wants you to be saved from your sin (Acts 16;31)

    C. Challenge (Saved)

    You need to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour only one time from that time on, you belong to Him. But when you sin, you need to confess it to God right away. (1John 1:9) stop now and think about what you have done today. Ask God to show you some sin that you need to confess to Him. Ask God to help you admit that sin to Him right now as you we all have our heads bowed and eyes closed. Agree with God that it was wrong and tell Him you are willing to turn from it. Then you can be sure God will forgive your sins and you can have peace inside because you have a clean conscience. Then the good things you do will please God and others.

    Carry-Over Activity

    When you are having your prayer time this week, ask God to show you any sins that you have not confessed. Don’t be surprised when God brings to your mind some wrong things that happened a long time ago, things that you had forgotten about. You may be tempted to listen to satan who will tell you to ignore them or to try to cover them up by making an excuse. Resist that temptation. Instead, tell God what you have done and ask Him to forgive you. Claim His promise of 1John 1:9 that He will forgive you when you confess your sins to Him.

  5. Yvonne says

    I am a new sunday school teacher and I love receiving new ideals on lessons.My age group is 5-8.A very curious age,so I really have to have something to get their attention.I will continue to go on your website.

  6. Julia Pinto says

    It was a great lesson, I used it with my tweens. This lesson really made them think, I used the making pennies clean with the lesson. I had them read scripture aloud and substitute words and insert sin. We continued to talk about this lesson on Sunday. I personally placed my dirty and shine penny on my Bible to remind daily

  7. patti toten says

    I really enjoy the lessons you have. I have used several of them in my childrens church. last Sunday I had extra time left so I was trying to think of a game. You will need a bullseye(that has three rings) and instead of numbers I put 1outer court,2inner court and 3 holy of holies the dot in the middle with a G(o)D to represent being in the presence of God the outside of the bullseye representing sin. have each child throw the dart (I would recommend velcro)all the time telling them how we should always strive to be in the center of Gods will and to never give up and what happens should we go outside of the bullseye and how God forgives us. they loved the interaction of the game as well as the teaching.

  8. Melissa says

    the kids loved this lesson, they have hearted of it before but the drawing of the heart got them to see things differently

  9. Meg says

    I loved this lesson – it really stirred a lot of questions and made it all so clear for the kids. I also added the following object lesson from

    Object Lesson:
    You will need a large clear jar with a lid that can be sealed, a second container of some type, some Chlorine bleach, some Iodine (food coloring might work), and two light colored sponges. Cut one sponge in the shape of a heart. Cut the other in the shape of the cross. Both need to be of a size that will fit in the jar with a lid.
    Fill the jar with a lid about half full of water, and the other container with a very strong solution of bleach and water (half and half will do). Set the cross in the bleach solution as you begin your lesson (not too long before, it could dissolve the sponge).
    For the lesson, show the children the heart shaped sponge. Talk about sin and put some drops of iodine on the sponge to represent those sins. You can talk about how impossible it is to remove those stains by yourself. Even dip the heart shaped sponge in the jar of water and show it is still dirty. Then, put the heart shaped sponge in the jar of water and leave it. Now take the cross out of the bleach solution, keeping as much of the solution in the sponge as possible. Tell the children about the power of the cross to cleanse the heart from sin. Put the cross in the jar with water and the stained heart, seal it with the lid, and shake it up a bit as you talk some more about the cross. Then, open the lid and take the heart out. It will be clean.
    You should experiment with this lesson once before you actually give it to be sure you have a strong enough bleach solution to clear the iodine from the heart shaped sponge. Be sure to rinse the heart shaped sponge very clean with clear water so the iodine stains will remain when you do the real lesson.

  10. yu sok lin says

    hi – fantastic, simple and right on the target for a salvation story. I plan this lesson for my cell group with children and sure it will out splenditely. thank you very much for the generosity of putting on website and I am sure God will bless the labour of the hands that prepare it.

  11. Becky says

    Thank you very much for the wonderful ideas. This will help me so much with my sunday school class and my childrens church lessons!

  12. maximillian kolbe mulato says

    that is a very nice idea to be shared to the children. I will include that as one of my sunday school lessons. thanks for sharing! Godbless

  13. Brenda says

    These lessons are so enlightening and very helpful as I prepare to teach 1st thru 3rd graders. Please continue to share. Thanks for allowing God to use you and your skills.

  14. judy says

    The lessons are indeed helpful.Thank you for this wonderful outreach for Kids and Teachers alike.It has inspired me to do so much more ,since this great network for information is so easily available.

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