Sequence Bible Story Cards

This page lists all our sequence Bible story coloring pages. Amy Fenton Lee first suggested this type of resource to better serve children with special needs. We soon found that this is a helpful method for all children to review important Bible stories. Click here to leave a comment or suggest future stories we should illustrate in this way.

Daniel and the Lions

Coloring Page about Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus Meets Jesus

Free printable about Queen Esther's story

Queen Esther’s Story

David Coloring Pages

The Story of David

Water into Wine

The Story of Joseph

Resurrection of Jesus

Moses and Crossing the Red Sea Coloring Page

Crossing the Red Sea

Paul’s Conversion

Good Samaritan

Jonah and the Whale

Jonah and the Whale

Noah and the Ark

Noah and the Ark

Prodigal Son Coloring Sheets

Parable of Prodigal Son

Stories of Elijah coloring page

Prophet Elijah

God Calls Abraham

God Calls Abraham


  1. Mboza says

    Hi there! So inspiring, I am really blessed with your materials and website and I am really developing also more ideas on what I need for my Sunday school as I continue browsing through your website. God bless you much. For sure in this way, you are able to reach so many children in the World. I am a Sunday school coordinator and teacher from Tanzania – Africa.

  2. jennifer says

    I’m making a booklet for the children to take home to color the whole creation story and this works out great.Thank-you

  3. tryphine m. k. says

    i was looking for a lesson and pictures that illustrated Moses and the ten commandments, it’s the topic i am on right now with my class. age group 2-10 yrs.

  4. ann martinez says

    i was looking for pictures that illustrated Moses and the ten commandments, it’s the topic i am on right now with my class.

  5. Jennifer says

    I would love to see Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Thanks. These are great!

  6. Debbie King says

    Love your coloring pages! I am using your Lent series for Children’s Church. I would like to see coloring pages that go with the stories. They are a good time filler and it give us a chance to review the story!


  7. Debi says

    I just found this website today and I have to say how refreshing it is to find a place that is easy to navigate and full of very well-organized, quality teaching material for children of all ages. WOW! God bless you for providing these rich resources to His church! What a blessing!

  8. annie says

    Hi, I love these sequencing stories. Can you do some on Ruth,Debroah,Sarah,and other biblical women of the bible,please.

  9. Amanda says

    I would love any New Testament story. Or Old Testament stories too – basically the whole Bible. :)

  10. Alexandra Hall says

    Hello. I lead a toddler group at our Evangelical Church in Marple, Cheshire, UK. I am always searching online for inspiration regarding Biblical crafts. We have covered Creation, The Ten Commandments, and Noah. This year I wanted to explore famous women in the Bible and have faced difficulties in finding just the right colouring pages and messages. However, I came across these little sequence cards and think they are a great idea. Thank you so much. xx

  11. Anna says

    It would be cool to have a sequential folding creation story on one page! Like your stuff. Thanks!

  12. maureen says

    I would love to see the nativity, pascal mysteries done this way!
    thanks these are great!

  13. Linda Payne says

    I’d like to see you do the story of Daniel because so many curricula and media materials use it, it’s a perfect story to present in multiple ways. The sequence cards would be a great addition.


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