Top 5 Classic Hymns to Teach Children (With Video)

It’s been about three weeks since I asked readers to pick the most important hymns we should be teaching to the next generation. There was so many good suggestions from Facebook that I launched a poll here on the website to sort out the best.

The results have been steadily coming in and a consensus is growing. Click here if you still want to participate in that selection. Here are the clear front runners as chosen by our readers. The videos below are all from YouTube. I’ve tried to show a little variety in the selection. Enjoy!

Top 5 Hymns to Teach Children

1. Amazing Grace

2. Jesus Loves Me

3. What a Friend We Have in Jesus

4. This Little Light of Mine

5. How Great Thou Art


  1. noe says

    Praise God! You have a great voice and talent. I long to see you grow faithfully serving the Lord. we’re blessed to see you sing…

  2. Phyllis Walker says

    Can you tell me where I can buy the hymns with video “Yes Jesus loves me” etc


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