Jesus Turns Water into Wine: Sequence Coloring Pages

Click above to download the main illustration page.

This free printable can serve as both a coloring page and sequence Bible story illustrations. It’s based on the miracle in John 2:1-11 when Jesus saved a wedding party. The real point behind this miracle is how the divinity of Christ and the new kind of joy he brings.

Directions: Use the following links to download these coloring sheets. The PDF document is easy to print and the jpeg image version allows for customization.

These illustrations could be used along with any Bible lesson about Jesus turning water into wine. Use them as sequence cards to help children better understand the events of the story. They could also serve as teacher illustrations, adding each panel as the story develops.

Tip: Printing off the numbered sheets on lightly colored paper makes a nice frame effect for the finished storyboard.

Click above to download the first sequence page.
Click above to download the second sequence page.


  1. Bliss Lastrella says

    Wonderful coloring material! It really helps my students to become more fun in our activity time. Thanks guys for this. Useful,. Good bless

  2. Erica says

    Thank you for your wonderful resources – God will richly bless you for spreading his word and shining his light to children who need to know about our Almighty God during these very turbulent times. I am going to use the water into wine storyboard with my sunday school group aged 7 – 11, as it caters perfectly for each one despite the age difference. Thank you and God bless you always.

  3. Nikki says

    Hey everyone
    I come from England (UK) and this morning I’m about to teach 4 year olds about the story ” Jesus turning water into Wine”. Here in England you can buy purple concentrated blackcurrant juice drink (we call it ‘squash’) , just a few a few drops will turn the water in to a purple juice drink that the kids can drink, I’m hoping and praying that this will really captive the children and help them to remember that Jesus did it for real. Will be using the story board as an additional tool.

  4. Una says

    Thanks for this lesson, it was very helpfull with the little ones.

  5. Ruby says

    This translation is completely wrong…… She’s saying she’s very grateful for the lesson. She’s teaching a wide range of kids from 2 to 11 yrs old and she has no experience. She’s wondering if yall could please email her the lessons to help her out. She says that she knows God will always give her words to instruct the little ones but she would really appreciate some ideas.

  6. yasha says

    thanks needed a quick picture for Daniel 5, of the wine being poured at the party….just something for my church school kids to color to help them to remember the story…I only used a portion of yours…so far these little kids are able to pick up the details of the book of Daniel…using colorsheets…they can explain what it is to anyone.

  7. cristelia says

    dios les bendiga yo vivo en carolina del sur y trabajo con ninos en la iglesia donde me congrego, pero esta es la primera bes q lo ago y se me ase muy dificil porque no tengo ideas para aserlo menos asiendolo con ninos desde 2 anos hasta 12 anos siento que es muy dificil y me gustaria que me mandaran ideas si les fuera posible. bueno tambien se que Dios no me ba a dejar y que el ira siempre delante de mi. como dise filipenses 4:13 todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece.

    Spanish – detected to English translation

    God bless you I live in South Carolina and work with children in the church where I gathered, but this is the first bes q ago and it grabs me very hard because I have ideas for aserlo less grasping with children from 2 years to 12 years I feel it is very difficult and I would like to send me ideas if they could. God is too good not to let me ba, and that anger is always before me. as designed Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.

  8. says

    I taught the Orange workshop this morning “Teaching Techniques to Engage Different Learners”. I showed examples of sequence strips and told the audience that was now offering this type of coloring page. The group was SUPER excited! I hope churches will take advantage of this Bible lesson reinforcer! Thanks Tony & Mandy!

  9. Helen says

    When I did this lesson, I took the small bottles of water and food coloring. I dropped a few drops of coloring into the bottled water to show how it may have looked when the water changed to wine. The children were still able to drink the water after since it was only a 1-2 drops used. They still remember the lesson and talk about it, and it was several months ago.
    I wish I had these sequence pages to go with it. I may just do the lesson again so I can use these!

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