Lessons on the Armor of God, “How to Win Against Sin”

The Armor of God is a great passage of Scripture to teach to children. It is visual and has immediate, real world applications for them. The 9 lesson unit covers Ephesians 6:10-20. It is entitled “How to Win Against Sin” because our real battle is against sin, and with Jesus, we can win.

These lessons are very user-friendly. Even a first-time Sunday school teacher can confidently teach with this! I have included teacher preparation, including Scripture to read for your own benefit and growth. Within the teaching part of the lesson, I have italicized what you can simply read to the children. I would suggest however reading through it and presenting the information in your own way.

The Lessons: We are adding new each week, many not be complete until Feb 2013.

  1. Our Enemy, Our Hero
  2. The Belt of Truth (worksheets)
  3. The Breastplate of Righteousness
  4. The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace
  5. The Shield of Faith
  6. The Helmet of Salvation
  7. The Sword of the Spirit
  8. Battle Plan: Prayer
  9. Declare it Boldly!

Outline: Every lesson follows the same basic outline. It includes Scripture references, Teacher Preparation, Theme, Memory Verse, a game, the lesson itself, a poster piece, a craft and activity page.

Each activity comes with two choices: one for older children and one for non-readers.

More Suggestions & Resources

The Poster is an important part of each lesson. It allows for easy review and helps the kids to get excited for the next lesson. I have included a few basic pieces for the poster. They will fit nicely on a regular sized piece of poster board. For the children and the pieces of armor, use the wonderful coloring pages found on this website. Be as elaborate as you like for the background of the poster. Feel free to add a castle and green forest, or just use markers to outline a few trees, the sun and grass. (download)

Most of the crafts use 18 inch by 12 inch construction paper and basic school supplies. You will also need feathers and poster board for a couple of lessons.

Be sure to stay in prayer and follow the teacher preparation. As the Lord teaches you, you will become better equipped to teach the children. Most of all, just love on the kids and Jesus would, and have a great time together!


  1. Diane Edmonds says

    My youth class loved these lessons…I taught a different piece of the armor every week at youth group until we finished the whole set….they all had their pictures taken dressed up in their own armor they made…all ideas I got from this website….We are now on the 3rd week of the Fruits of the Spirit lesson and they are enjoying it also….thanks for providing all of these wonderful lessons

  2. Mindy says

    Thank you for sharing your lesson plans. We are studying the armor of God in our homeschool. This will be a great addition!

  3. Linda Kay Ishee DuBose says

    I have written out an easy piano accompaniment (with lyrics) for “Armor of Our God” to the tune “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and would be happy to share it with anyone upon request. Also can send an MP3 of the piano accompaniment. Send request to lindakdub@att.net (Free of charge, of course!)

  4. Emily says

    Thank you very much for providing your viewers such a wonderful lesson to our kids its a blessings to our children ministry. God bless you.

  5. Janice Rivera says

    Your lessons have been a true blessing for me and the kids at church. They have enjoyed this lesson, especially making the crafts. Thank you so much for sharing these with us, and others. May god cotinue to bless you and your ministry.

  6. Andreina says

    we just finished this series yesterday was our childrens service and we did a performance to the Go Fish song “Army of the Lord”.God bless all those teachers and bless the minds that go into this blog!!!

  7. Bess says

    WOW, what a wonderful unit for our Sunday School 1st – 5th graders. This has been a really time saving bonus for us. Thank you for all your wonderful hard thoughtful effort put into this ARMOR unit.

  8. kathleen woodcraft says

    I am glad i have found your armor of God lessons i plan to start them tomorrow with my sunday school class
    they look good and simple to understand

  9. Dawn says

    Thanks so much for these free lessons, I have used this site more times than I remember! I have a question on the Armor of God series. For lesson 1, did you intend for the poster that each child would do, to be a duplicate of the color by number page? Or, are we to paste the boy/girl pages on posterboard and add pieces of armor each week? What is the Our Enemy, Our Hero activity page? Is it the color by number? Sorry for all the questions, just a bit confused. Thanks!!!

  10. Shanika Santos says

    Thank you so much for providing this resource. This website has truly been a blessing for our ministry; financially we did not have a lot of resources available for curriculum so to be able to come to this website and access such wonderful lesson has been a huge blessing to our children’s ministry. God Bless You ALL!

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