The Gospel In Colors – The Wordless Book

One of the best ways to share the Gospel with kids is the wordless book. It’s a series of colors that can be used to explain the Gospel.

I was surprised to learn that many believe that Charles Spurgeon originated the wordless book idea. Later is was used by several early Evangelical Missionaries. You can find a good summary of it on Kidology and read about it’s history on Wikipedia.

Do You Use The Wordless Book?

If you have used this approach to sharing the Gospel with children, then leave a comment below. Let us know what setting and how it turned out. Have you seen many children come to Christ through this explanation?


  1. Jennifer says

    The wordless Book not only of help for me to share the gospel to the kids but also to older people, we have been training many children ministry volunteers on how to use the Wordless book, and so effective, now even sharing it with evangelist in our rural area, who go to evangelize to the pagan. a VERY EFFECTIVE WAY to bring people to Christ, we really thank God for giving inspiration to whoever create these mode of sharing the Gospel. God bless.

  2. says

    We’re planning to use color band bracelets to share the gospel with street children in Ethiopia. Now I just need to find and learn the simple story translated into Amharic.Thanks for the Wikipedia link.

  3. says

    I have used the Wordless Book for years, since the 70’s. In VBS, Sun. School, Youth meeting, open air evangelism to teach and reach boys and girls with the Gospe. I have even used it for adults in nursing homes.
    It is also a good way to teach kids to witness by teaching them to use it.

  4. Deb says

    I’m 58, but I remember the wordless book in a walnut! Thanks for reminding me…I had forgotten about it! I just used the Wordless Book in our Christmas Eve service…with applicable songs…went well!

  5. dorothy Moore says

    I’m 75 years old and went to all church activities unless I was ill in bed for all of my childhood. The wordless book in a walnut is the only lesson I can clearly remember. How I loved it.

  6. Ruth says

    I am planning on teaching the wordless book in Sunday School class and I was looking on the web and found a comment about using balloons. Do you mind sharing the idea? I’ll appreciate it.
    God bless

  7. Fred Linberger says

    I had children make bracelets with beads at ‘trunk or treat, we made 85 bracelets, almost everytime at least one parent and often a sibling heard the Gospel. We felt it was most effective. I feel that often an adult who has difficulty sharing the Gospel with a friend can use this format in their thinking as a tool to make a good sequential presentation. my daughter likes to tell the promise of heaven (the streets of gold where as I like to say He is the Light Of Heaven) first. Its not only spiritually rewarding, but it is lots of fun.

  8. Glenalea says

    I was taught to use the wordless book when painting faces and find it is an amazing application. The children waiting in line also hear the message and often by the time I get to paint the little face they can tell me the meaning of each colour. I love painting faces that way!

  9. kathie says

    Hi. Were you able to translate the Wordless Book tract into French? We have a nine year old who is going to Cameroon Africa which is French speaking. She has asked us for 100 tracts to take with her to expleain the Wordless Book in French.

    I thought if we could just get one and print it out, she could explain it. If you have translated it would it be possible to send a copy via internet. She is leaving Wednesday.

    We also work with a large Haitiaan population and would be most happy to pass it out to the youth here.

  10. Jan Bihn says

    I am using 2 liter bottles of pop in these colors to intrigue a little older crowd. Share the “book” and then review by asking what the yellow/gold pop reminds us of, etc….. they are given the pop !

  11. Denise Kleese says

    This past Easter we used colored sand to make a Salvation Prayer Jar.I based it on the salvation bracelets that you can make with the beads. I put the sand in snack bags and let the children cut the tip out and pour the sand in the jar. I printed off the message of what each color meant and then we tied that around the lid of the jar. They had a blast making the Salvation Prayer Jar

  12. Ann Watson says

    I love what you did here with the balloons. I have used the Wordless Book in Sunday School Class crafts before and love it. I am going to suggest we do it this way in our VBS this year. Thanks so much for the great idea!!! God bless your ministry!!

  13. wencie villanueva says

    I love to used this worldless book especially in teaching sunday school

  14. says

    That’s exactly right. In Isaiah chapter 6, Isaiah saw who God was in His holiness and splendor. He immediately realized his sinfulness and exclaimed, “Woe is me. For I am a man of unclean lips…..”. The same thing happened with Peter in Luke 5, when he began to understand who Jesus was. He told Him to depart from him because he was a sinful man. I always try to come to a clearer understanding of who God is and what He is like. That is how people are going to be helped in understanding the Gospel better.

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