10 Wacky Olympic Games for Kids Ministry

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10 Wacky Olympic Games for Kids Ministry
Still looking for a few summer games for your kids ministry?   Add these Olympic game variations to your Vacation Bible School, day camp, summer camp, or whatever else you have planned!  Get ready to compete, laugh, and encourage the children in your ministries.  Of course, adapt as necessary for the age, size, and ability of your group.  Just remember to demonstrate everything first, use objects that you have on hand to cut costs, and the sillier the better!

10 Wacky Olympic Games for Kids Ministry

1.  Silly Shot (Put):  See how far your students can throw a bean bag, orange, balled up pair of socks, ball of aluminum foil, bag of rice, fruit loops, can of spam, or whatever!  Show them how to hold the “shot put” near their ear and launch it forward with one arm.  Have children mark off their distance with a shoe.
2.  Jolly Javelin: For the javelin throw, use multi-colored wacky noodles, straws, hot dogs wrapped in plastic wrap, chopsticks, wiffle ball bats, or rolled up newspapers or magazines.  Five children can throw at once, behind a set line.  Distances can be marked again with their shoes.
3.  Dizzy Discus: For the discus, use a Frisbee, a wrapped frozen pizza, or paper plates sealed together well with dried beans, rice, or sand inside.
4.  Happy Hurdles:  Have students jump over a series of hurdles such as shoe boxes, swim noodles, or leaders if the leaders are adventurous enough!
5.  Silly Sync Swimming:  Give children time and a leader to help coordinate a mini synchronized swimming routine.  Then give each team a chance to perform.  For added fun, have them perform in a sprinkler or standing in a kiddie pool.
6.  Hilarious Hula:   See who can hula hoop the longest!
7.  One Hundred Meter Dash:  Instead of the traditional running race, have children run backwards, on all fours as crabs, three-legged with a friend (tie legs with bandanas, ropes, neckties, etc.), or racing in sacks (using old pillowcases).
8.  Field Hockey Fun:  Simulate a field hockey dribble by having children race around a cone.  Instead of a ball, use a potato, aluminum ball roll, or sock ball and have them dribble it with a hockey stick, swim noodle, broom, or whatever else you have on hand.
9.  Balloon Volleyball:  Give each child or team a balloon to see who can keep it up the longest.  When the balloon hits the ground, have students sit down.
10.  Crazy Cyclers:   Have students compete in cycling races using tricycles or any other toddler ride on toy.  Make sure you have a good surface to ride on and helmets for all.
As always, please add any suggestions or comments that could be helpful.  Also include any tried and true wacky games that have been a hit in your children’s ministry!

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