110 Reasons to Love Children's Ministry

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love-childrens-ministryA few weeks back, I asked our readers to answer one simple question – why do you love children’s ministry? The response has been amazing and each answer has personally encouraged me. This post is an edited list of those responses, with a few of my own mixed in.  I tried to combine duplicate answers or clarify when needed.  I pray this will be an encouragement for you. Please [print_link] and share this resource around your church.

Why Do You Love Children’s Ministry?

  1. I love introducing children to Jesus Christ.
  2. I love to watch the lights come on for the kids when they start to understand God’s love.
  3. It is my mission field.
  4. It gives me an overwhelming joy when I serve God’s children.
  5. It’s when I feel most like Jesus.
  6. I love the energy that kids bring to worshiping God.
  7. Because children are gifts from God.
  8. I learn more about God working with kids than anything else I do in my spiritual walk.
  9. I love making a difference in the life of every child.
  10. It allows for faith & life experiences shared between adults and children.
  11. It strengthening the body of Christ, now and in the future.
  12. It’s better to prepare kids now, rather than trying to repair their lives after the world has beat them down.
  13. I love seeing the children’s excitement when they walk into the classroom.
  14. I love introducing children to their God.
  15. Kids need to know that it’s all about Jesus.
  16. Children who learn about God now will make the world a better place.
  17. I love to see truth sticking with them over time.
  18. It helps families live out their faith together.
  19. I love to see kids become FULLY DEVOTED followers of Jesus!!!
  20. Children have such pure,complete and simple faith in God – working with kids reminds me that my relationship with God should be the same.
  21. It’s an amazing privilege from God.
  22. I love to show the kids that God is awesome.
  23. I love to be the first one to tell them particular stories about God’s power.
  24. Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them.
  25. When I prepare to teach kids, I grow in my understanding too.
  26. It’s fulfilling and inspiring at the same time.
  27. It’s fun watching these youngsters live out their lives with so much fun, zest and most importantly innocence/honesty.
  28. It helps me picture how I should relate to God like a child.
  29. It is never ever boring!
  30. When you do something simple as having cupcakes for them, they respond with hugs and kisses.
  31. I love having a positive impact on kids from dysfunctional homes.
  32. I get to tell them the “bread and butter” teachings which build a foundation for a lifetime.
  33. Jesus wanted the kids to be near him.
  34. Play Dough!
  35. They teach me more about the love of God than any other group of people.
  36. Children’s ministry is fun, rewarding and a chance to make a lasting impact on children and their families.
  37. Children are precious and innocent listeners of Bible lessons.
  38. I love children ministry because it allows me to contribute to the future of our world.
  39. This ministry is not a “have to” but a “get to.”
  40. I love being the instrument that God uses to work through the lives of these children.
  41. God moves so profoundly in my life that I sometimes feel selfish for being so blessed from serving in children’s ministry.
  42. Knowing these kids is just such a blessing to me.
  43. I love children and like being around them.
  44. Children are better witnesses than adults.
  45. Kids are never afraid to ask hard questions.
  46. They talk about faith like it’s normal, unlike grown-ups.
  47. There’s nothing that gives my heart more joy than when I witness a child experience and come to know the love of Christ.
  48. Because God has called me minister to His children.
  49. Children are our future and the best hope for a better tomorrow.
  50. Because God’s love them, and they are important to Him.
  51. I just want to tell them about Jesus.
  52. I learn things from them, like “Don’t jump on the bed” is one of the ten commandments.
  53. I love being able to use the talent God has given me.
  54. When I show love to the children, they love me back.
  55. I love to see the looks in their eyes when they start to understand God’s plan for their life.
  56. Those little ones who are very curious and naturally want to learn.
  57. Children have open hearts for the Gospel.
  58. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as a little child, will have the opportunity to share with them in the Kingdom of Heaven.
  59. They are very quick to learn and to believe the word of God.
  60. Because I love sharing the Gospel with a receptive audience. 🙂
  61. In my country, most crimes are being committed by youths so i want to be apart of their lives to make a difference.
  62. I believe I am making a real difference.
  63. These kids are the church leaders of tomorrow.
  64. Only children are brave enough to ask, “Who made God?”
  65. It’s the only ministry where you can sing silly songs at the top of your lungs.
  66. I love seeing their faces light up when they connect spiritual truth with real life.
  67. Kids need to know that God is bigger than the boogeyman.
  68. It promotes child-like faith in my life.
  69. I love empowering parents to be the primary faith builders in the life of their children.
  70. The world is getting more dangerous and kids need Jesus to face it.
  71. Preschool kids are authentic when they praise God. One little boy said with great excitement, “God gave us PANCAKES!!! BANANA PANCAKES with syrup on top!!!”
  72. I love seeing children really getting the concept of a relationship with Jesus and not just coming to church.
  73. The joy of hearing a child’s heartfelt prayer.
  74. I love it that I get to be a part of planting seeds in their lives.
  75. Because I get to experience God and all that He is doing in the lives of the kids and their families!!!
  76. Many of the kids I minister to would otherwise never hear about the Savior.
  77. I love the way children love unconditionally.
  78. In teaching kids, we can save the next generation from the mistakes that we have made.
  79. It keeps me young!
  80. When I’m with the children, I forget life’s worries, laugh more, and have freedom to be a little silly.
  81. Kids never ignore their friends, even their grown-up friends like me.
  82. I love hearing an awesome testimony from the parents because of something the kids learned from me.
  83. Preschool children really do get it – sometimes better than me!
  84. Snack time!
  85. I love seeing two-year olds walking around with their little bibles, especially when they say “God told me.”
  86. To God, every child has infinite value.
  87. I love to join in their laughter about something silly.
  88. I love to be the one who gives comfort when they cry.
  89. I love sharing their wonder about our God.
  90. Sometimes I can see my reflection in their eyes.
  91. When I remember that Jesus was a child, I feel like I am serving Him.
  92. Because some parents are not teaching them anything.
  93. At church, it’s only the kids will tell you when your hair looks bad.
  94. I’m a single parent in a third world country and life can be hard. I want to share the peace that God has given me in the middle of my storms.
  95. I love teaching them to look up when life backs them against a wall.
  96. I love seeing lost families come to Christ.
  97. When children sing of their love for Christ, it is priceless.
  98. I want to help them find the right path in life.
  99. God has amazing promises for those who trust Him, I don’t want these kids to miss out.
  100. I love it when kids learn John 3:16 and get so excited they repeat it a hundred times.
  101. I love seeing these children growing into excited young adults who are sold-out for Christ.
  102. I still play with Legos.
  103. Because I will know more people when I get to heaven.
  104. It gives me joy to think of the chain reaction of right choices that began in one child’s life because of our ministry.
  105. When they say something surprising, it always bring a smile to my face and brightens my day.
  106. It helps me relax and be a more creative person.
  107. It is my way of serving God in response to His love for me.
  108. I want to be the one who stands in the gap for the parents who give little spiritual guidance for their children.
  109. It is the only thing that uses all my Spiritual Gifts at one time. (Teaching, Patience, Grace, Mercy, Encouragement, Discernment, and Love.)
  110. Working with kids will keep you in touch with what truly matters – loving God and loving others.

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